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Breeze Logic Testimonial

Check out the latest testimonial from Breeze Logic on the JPL Agora video sound bar.

We thank you for your kind words and are always happy to receive feedback from our customers. 

“We recently had the opportunity to update a customer’s meeting room set-up, and after doing some research, selected the JPL Agora All-In-One Video Sound Bar for a trial run at the customer site due to its class leading AI features.

The trial went so well with their user base that they placed an order for us to update their display unit and soundbar to bring their meeting room into the 21st century.

JPL have been great to work with because the team truly care about their partners and products. They not only answered all our questions, but also checked in with us frequently about how the product was performing during this trial. With video calling being the standard in today’s world of business communication, their video and audio products cover all our needs at a very attractive price point.

Not only was this a great result for us, but we subsequently managed to secure further orders for similar updates with other customers.

In summary, great product, great team – highly recommended!”

Technical Director, Breeze Logic