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Thomas Birkner’s latest review on the JPL Convey

New Speakerphone in town:
JPL starts with the JPL Convey in the market of the speakerphones.
It is incredibly small, only 8×8 cm and very chic, and doesn’t need any software. Just plug it in and get started.
This is how it works with all important applications, such as Zoom, Teams, Circiut and many more… Very well solved.

The 4 buttons are self-explanatory: mute mic, mute speakers, loud and quiet.

Why a speakerphone, my PC/notebook has a speaker?
Many PCs have speakers and microphones installed. And in the same case sits the power supply and a fan. The hum is routed and transmitted via the housing to the microphone. You don’t notice anything about it yourself, but the other side…

The Convey is suitable for small, rather quiet rooms and conferences up to a maximum of 4 people, the distance of the speakers to the device can be up to 2 meters.
Also good: music/radio and multimedia applications are so good, clean and audible.

The connection is made via the enclosed dual USB cable with a USB-A and USB-C cable. A small cleaning cloth and a soft protective bag complete the scope of delivery.

The price is attractive, the device will be in incl. VAT probably well under 100, – €.
With this, it will certainly find wide distribution.

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