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World Hearing Day 2023

Protect your hearing

World Hearing Day 2023 is a global initiative that seeks to promote awareness about hearing loss and the importance of protecting our hearing. As our world becomes increasingly noisy, it’s crucial that we take steps to safeguard our hearing to prevent permanent damage. At JPL, we prioritise our users’ hearing health when manufacturing headsets and telecommunication solutions.

Sound Shield Technology

To ensure that our users are fully protected while using our headsets, we’ve developed Sound Shield technology, which is implemented across all JPL headsets. This innovative technology analyzes sound waves emitted through the headset, identifies any dangerous levels, and either reduces or eliminates them from your call, ensuring a clear and safe conversation without affecting the overall sound level of the call.

In noisy office environments, users may increase the call volume to hear the conversation better. This can have a negative impact on their hearing. However, with Sound Shield™, the incoming sound on a call is clear without the need to increase the volume. This software is also applied to our audio telephony headsets, which means that while listening to music, users can enjoy clear and punchy sound without increasing the volume, thus reducing the likelihood of hearing damage from high sound levels over an extended period.

Headset Hygiene

In addition to protecting your hearing while using our headsets, we also prioritise headset hygiene. Regularly cleaning your headset and replacing your ear cushions can help prevent ear infections, which can cause damage or even hearing loss. A study conducted by the University of Arizona found that a typical telephone has up to 25,127 germs per square inch, and an average telephone or ear cushion has 500 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your headset clean to protect your hearing health.

JPL HAC Headsets

We also recognize that individuals who already suffer from hearing loss and require hearing aid-compatible headsets may have limited options that are both affordable and user-friendly. That’s why we created the JPL-HAC headset, which offers a practical and cost-effective solution. The JPL-HAC headset is designed to work seamlessly with hearing aids through T-loop settings, and its appearance matches our range, allowing you to blend in with the office environment and avoid standing out.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) raises awareness about preventing deafness and hearing loss and promotes ear and hearing care worldwide. Each year on the 3rd of March, WHO decides on a theme and develops evidence-based advocacy materials that are shared globally. You can find out more about World Hearing Day 2023 and the WHO’s initiatives by visiting their website.

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