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JPL Telecom, a global innovator in the development and manufacturing of professional headsets, will take part in the Svyaz 2020 exhibition

October 2020

At the Telesvyaz stand FD015 in the Forum pavilion, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the technologies of joint cooperation of JPL and FLAT Software solutions-effective software solutions in the field of telecommunications and IT:
FLAT Contact - a solution for creating a modern contact center.
FLAT Conference - solutions to problems related to the collection and conduct of audio conferences.

The workstations of call center agents and corporate employees will be equipped with professional headsets; JPL-Connect and JPL-600 series, which will provide the user with a high-quality and comfortable voice communication solution.

Компания JPL Telecom - глобальный новатор в разработке и производстве профессиональных гарнитур, примет участие в выставке «Связь 2020».

На стенде компании «ТелеCвязь» FD015 в павильоне «Форум», посетители выставки смогут ознакомиться с технологиями совместной работы решений JPL и FLAT Software – эффективными программные решения в сфере телекоммуникаций и IT:
FLAT Контакт - решение для построена современного контакт-центра.
FLAT Конференция - решения задач, связанных со сбором и проведением аудио конференций.

Рабочие места операторов и корпоративных сотрудников будут оснащены профессиональными гарнитурами JPL-Connect и JPL-6хх серией, которые предоставят пользователю качественно и комфортно вести голосовые коммуникации.

SVIAZ 2020 Moscow
Joe Shapiro

JPL Telecom Welcomes Joe Shapiro To The Team

February 2020

We are very pleased to welcome Joe into our family. Joe joins us as Director of Sales for North America.

Joe brings a huge wealth of knowledge and experience and will build on our strengths with resellers and medium to large end users throughout the territory.

JPL at Gillingham School

JPL Telecom and Unify Announce Product Compatibility

December 2019

The JPL Element TT3 EVO, JPL-611, JPL-612, JPL-Connect, JPL-HAC, JPL-501S wired headsets, BL-053+P, BL-054MS+P bottom leads and the JPL-Element-X500 wireless DECT headset were tested with Unify Integrated Headset Interface of OpenScape Deskphone CP series and Circuit client to ensure compatibility.

More info here at the Unify site.

JPL Sponsors Gillingham School Sports

April 2019

"JPL are proud to sponsor the girl's sport teams with the brand new jackets. Gillingham School has been key in the education and development of our children and we are excited to be able to give our support back and give the school a fresh winning look."

On Wednesday 10th April, 37 Year 9 and 10 students from Gillingham School will be heading off to Paris to participate in a football and netball tour. The students will be looking fantastic in these new Gillingham School rain jackets which have kindly been sponsored by JPL Telecom. The jackets will be used at all fixtures during and beyond the Sports Tour.

JPL at Gillingham School
JPL at Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect – Orlando

March 2019

It's the number one show to be at for the US market. The show was very well attended and we had some great conversations and even better opportunities with customers, partners and vendors who now see JPL as a real player in the market.

Our sustainability message around the Element-TT3 and the JPL-Element-X500 really resonated and was well understood by the visitors to our booth. JPL has achieved a great result among the overwhelming numbers of vendors and messages during Enterprise Connect. A great step up for 2020 participation. This was one of the best shows in the history of JPL. Great timing to launch a new headset range given the current market conditions and we will without doubt have new trading partners as a result of being there.

CCW2019 Berlin

February 2018

CCW is the largest European Contact Center expo where all major brands show their products and latest innovations. With over 8,000 visitors from 46 countries made the 21st CCW "the place to be" for innovative customer dialogue. 270 international exhibitors and more than 50 speakers. For JPL this was our first time exhibiting at this event and proved a great success as we introduced two new headsets; the JPL-Element-X500 and JPL-Element-BT500 and received great interest on our sustainability story from Contact Centers as both Vendors and Resellers. Our impact on headset total cost of ownership through our modular concept, easy repair opportunity and long-term lifecycle guarantee, resonated with the visitors from many different countries.

JPL at CCW Berlin
Jorge Blanco and James Clarke

Interview on Mexico’s Info Channel

September 2018

JPL Telecom arrived in Mexico a year ago to compete in the professional headset market. James Clarke, CEO, based the design of their latest products on the Lego concept with the intention of making them different from those made by other companies, at a better margin and price, without sacrificing quality. More...

JPL is an Advanced Technology Partner with Unify

October 2018

We are delighted to announce the new technology partnership between JPL Telecom Limited and Unify Software and Solutions GmbH & Co.

Unify Software
JPL & Weber Solutions

Reclación Cliente EXPO

October 2018

JPL and Weber Solutions worked together at the Contact Centre EXPO in Madrid to showcase the new range of JPL headsets. A very busy show with lots of interest and a good indication for great things to come from the region in the near future.

JPL Telecom Welcomes Morgan de Ruiter To The Team

May 2018

Based in the Netherlands, Morgan will target further growth within the European market. He brings a wealth of knowledge & experience on hearables and headset and has a powerful global network within the UC industry. We see Morgan as a powerful player in the field of alliance management and he will help us in getting stronger partnership with the key UC vendors.

Morgan de Ruiter
Grandstream Compatibility

JPL Telecom and Grandstream Announce Product Compatibility

March 2018

JPL Telecom is now a Grandstream Approved Technology Partner.
The JPL Element TT3, JPL-611, JPL-Connect, JPL-501S, X400 headsets, BL-01, BL-05NB bottom leads and the EHS-13 cord were tested with Grandstream phones to ensure compatibility.

BL-054MS Bottom Leads

Microsoft Approval

November 2017

JPL Telecom have Microsoft Approval on the BL-05MS-P and BL-054MS-P Bottom Leads.

- PLX-QD to USB 2.0 Bottom Leads
- Work on any Microsoft system, Skype for Business, Broadsoft, Snom, 3CX, Polycom and Grandstream and have call accept/reject, mute and volume functions.

Mexico City Trade Show

October 2017

JPL Mexico show cases the JPL Telecom headsets.

JPL Mexico

JPL Telecom USA

October 2017

JPL Telecom are proud to announce the opening of our office in America. Thomas Clarke and George Hutchings have set up residence in Florida and are our team for all sales in the USA.

JPL Mexico

September 2017

JPL Telecom are proud to announce the opening JPL Mexico. Headed by Jorge Blanco and supported by his team, we look forwards to working together. Jorge has been working the region since 2005 and brings his wealth of knowledge in B2B, B2C, channel distribution, end user business development, marketing, new product launch, private sector, retail, government, software and communications to JPL Telecom.

Jorge Blanco, JPL Mexico
JPL at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT Exhibition

March 2017

JPL UK staff in Hannover for this year’s CeBIT. Great show with loads of interest in the new TT3 with detachable microphone boom arm which allows quick change from a single ear headband to dual ear headband!


October 2016

For the third year running, here we are at HKTDC.


JPL Iberia

June 2016

JPL Telecom are pleased to welcome José Ramón Gutiérrez Baz and Jorge Bayón López to the JPL family.

UC Expo

April 2016

The JPL Telecom UK team were delighted at the interest and opportunities that have come from the UC Show at Olympia. It gave JPL Telecom an excellent opportunity to showcase the new headsets for 2016, including the new Apple-compatible wired headset which is ideal for the BYOD market.

JPL at UC Expo


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JPL is a volume manufacturer of telephone headsets, selling directly to resellers and branding for other headset manufacturers. JPL supplies innovative call centre headsets as an alternative to Plantronics devices, in both wired and wireless styles.