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Advantages of USB Headsets for Video Conferences

Video conferencing has been around for decades though its use has become ingrained into the everyday for many of us due to restrictions on being in the workplace following the coronavirus pandemic.

With restrictions now eased and people able to return to collaborative, in-person work at offices across the country, the shift towards hybrid working appears to be permanent. This means video conferencing using platforms such as Zoom, Ringcentral and Microsoft Teams are here to stay.

But what can be done to improve the hybrid working experience?

Headsets Improve Audio

Without a doubt, the most impactful benefit of using a high-quality headset for video conferencing, regardless of whether it’s a wired or wireless version, is the improvement in audio quality when compared to the built-in microphone and speakers of many laptops or mobile devices.

Improved audio from using a headset for video conferences not only means better audio quality for the remote worker, but also improved voice pick up, resulting in better clarity for those on the other end of the video call.

These benefits are derived from having the headset earpiece close to the wearer’s ears, delivering audio directly to the user and minimising the impact of background noise. Voice signals are also improved thanks to having the microphone closer to the user and the microphone having active noise cancellation. You can find out more about JPL’s active and passive noise cancellation in our recent article.

Cross-Platform Headset

One of the most important things to consider with any headset for video conferencing use are the platforms that the end-users will be using. For many businesses is sales, staff may need to use multiple platforms to communicate with clients or prospects.

Our range of USB headsets are optimised to work across all major video conferencing platforms including Microsoft Teams, RingCentral and Zoom.

Appearance is Everything

While appearance might seem like an afterthought when considering video conferencing headsets, many businesses have found a range of uses for video conferencing, such as remote product demonstrations alongside customer services.

In situations where appearance matters, the right video conferencing headset makes all the difference, not only do you have the benefits of improved audio, but a video conferencing headset also looks professional and gives a positive impression to any potential customers, in the same way that a uniform does.

Video Conferencing Headsets From JPL

If you’re looking for market-leading video conferencing headsets that are compatible with a range of video conferencing platforms, our USB headset range offers great headset technology to improve communication.

Get in touch to find out more about our headset free trials too.

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