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Auto Tracking in Video Conferences

Video conferences have become a staple of the modern communication environment as businesses have adopted more flexible working policies, and while it’s easy to see individuals on their own webcams, it can often be more difficult to see and hear people meeting as part of a larger group.

This is where intelligent zoom and auto-tracking in video conferences can have a real benefit. At JPL, our video conference range of cameras features AI-powered intelligent zoom and auto tracking, but what is it and how does it work?

What is Video Conferencing Auto Tracking

JPL Agora video conference camera in use under a large TV as part of a video conference call

Quite simply, video conference auto tracking is a feature of some video conference cameras which adjusts the camera position and focus to suit the number of people in the room. This means that in a meeting where people may arrive or leave part way through the meeting, the camera will automatically adjust to ensure everyone is included.

For other participants of the video call, this means they can see everyone in the room more clearly, making the call more immersive. On JPL video conference cameras, it’s also a feature which can be enabled and disabled with the remote control on the JPL Agora, or the touch-sensitive button on the JPL Spitfire.

Does Auto Tracking Work Across All Platforms

Woman on a video conference call

Yes. While some video conference software platforms offer a type of auto-tracking, where they manipulate the video in the software, the JPL Agora features a motorised lens. This allows the auto-tracking to be done by the camera rather than the communication software.

The resulting video from the camera can feed into any video conferencing software and provide auto-tracking for the user, regardless of the software capability. Thanks to a 16-step intelligent zoom, the experience is also incredibly smooth, allowing users to focus on the subject of the meeting, rather than a distracting camera motion.

Is Video Tracking a Good Thing?

Whether or not video conference auto-tracking cameras are a good thing will always be a question of personal preference. Some users love the fact that the camera adjusts dynamically to everyone in the room, while others feel less comfortable speaking on camera and the added focus on them can be off-putting.

It’s always worth considering the impact of this feature on the users in a room as it could lead to fewer contributions. Fortunately, as the JPL Agora features the ability to disable the auto-tracking from the Bluetooth remote, it’s not something people have to worry about.

How Does it Work?

This is where the AI-powered system really comes into its own, the software in the camera maps the image to detect people in the frame. Having this information then allows the lens to pan and tilt toward the people in the room, while the 16-step digital zoom is great for getting the framing just right and the microphone array effortlessly picks out the audio from the people speaking.

Set up the Perfect Video Conference with JPL

If you’re struggling to decide on the right solution for your business, don’t be afraid to speak to an expert who knows what’s what. The JPL team is always on hand to support you in making the best decision for your business and are able to answer any questions you may have.

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