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Avaya Phone Headset Compatibility

Whether you’ve got 1 or 1,000 Avaya phone users in your business, ensuring your teams are using Avaya phone compatible headsets is essential.

But why? Avaya phone headset compatibility is about more than words, compatible headsets for Avaya phones means you have peace of mind that the equipment you’re investing in is fit for purpose and will work with the model of Avaya phone specified.

Avaya Compatible vs Avaya Compliant Headsets

Everyone talks about Avaya compatible headsets, but it’s important to consider the difference between a compatible and a compliant headset for your Avaya phone system.

Compatible headsets of course serve a purpose and should work absolutely fine with your Avaya phone model. However for some, the added reassurance of an Avaya compliant phone headset is important.

The difference in language might seem subtle, but it’s worth knowing that phone headsets which are compliant with Avaya technology have been thoroughly tested against Avaya’s DevConnect platform to ensure a feature rich experience. The following JPL headsets are fully compliant with Avaya DevConnect to give you the best experience with your phones:

  • Commander-PM & PB together with the BL-09+P
  • Any QD headset, with the BL-056+P USB bottom lead & JPL Gateway download
  • BT500D with the BT220 dongle
  • Commander-1 & Commander-2 USB headsets
  • 501S & 502S USB headsets

Headsets for the Whole Avaya Phone Range

With such a wide range of IP phone models on offer, using our headset compatibility checker is a great way to find headsets suitable for your phone model.

Avaya 9000 Series Headsets

A stalwart of the Avaya phone range, the 9000 series and more specifically the 9611g IP phone remains popular with businesses today. This means the demand for headsets which will work with the Avaya 9611g and the wider 9000 series remains. 

2000 Series Avaya Phone Headsets

Another backbone of Avaya’s phone range is the 2000 series, with the 2410 IP phone instantly recognisable to many. While it may be basic by modern standards, paired with the right headset the 2410 is a workhorse for businesses of all sizes.

Phone Headsets for Avaya 1000 Series

With both the 1140e and 1408 IP phones still popular today, choosing a compatible headset will help keep these Avaya phones contributing value to your business for years to come.

Whichever Avaya phone model you have, don’t forget our compatibility checker will help you get the best headset for your phone model.

Wireless Headsets Compatible with Avaya Phones

An Avaya J100 IP phone on a desk

If you need a wireless solution for your Avaya IP phone system, look no further than the JPL BT500D with the BT220 USB dongle.

When used together, the BT500D is not only compatible, but compliant with Avaya’s DevConnect standards. This means that users of JPL’s flagship Bluetooth headset will not only experience all of the features of the Bluetooth headset, but will also have the best wireless headset solution for their Avaya phone.

Let JPL Guide You to the Right Avaya Headset

Take the hassle out of choosing the best headset for your situation with the help of our expert technical team. Get in touch, we’ll listen to your needs and suggest the best solution for your situation, what’s more, if you’re looking for more than 120 units, you can even take a free trial.

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