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Benefits of a Compatible USB headset

One of the main concerns when procuring communications equipment for a business, be it headsets, video conferencing or speakerphones, is how that equipment will work with existing communications equipment already being used. This is arguably more important when buying in bulk for a busy environment like a call centre or sales team when new technology, like USB headsets, just need to work.

Cost of Poor Quality Headsets

According to insight from Quality Digest, the Cost Of Poor Quality (CoPQ) in the service sector can be as high as 30% of gross sales (source), meaning that existing or new equipment that isn’t working as expected can have a serious impact on the bottom Line of a business.

Inevitably, the impact of CoPQ will vary depending on the size of a business and the controls they have in place to maintain quality. Some of this will be staff training and performance monitoring, however the equipment used by staff is also a contributing factor.

While it might not seem obvious, poor quality headsets, with bad sound and connection, could be costing your business thousands.

Compatible USB Headsets

With the potential cost of poor quality communication equipment in the back of our mind, what is the solution?

So many devices are being used by workers with a range of software, a wired headset is often the go-to choice for many businesses to supply their staff with cost being a key consideration.

Device compatible headsets offer a solution that you know will work with any given platform, so whether you’re looking for a Microsoft Teams compatible USB headset or a wired headset solution for your Avaya or Cisco phone system, compatible USB headsets offer choice and flexibility.

Plug & Play

Possibly the last thing to be considered is how easily users can connect their headset to their device. While this may not be a consideration in any COPQ calculation, the ability for users to connect a headset quickly and easily will impact how soon any new headsets can be used.

With some headsets needing software installation to be used, this can cause a headache for IT teams who then have to release updates for users. With Plug & Play headsets on the other hand, users can simply plug in their new headset and begin working immediately without the need for software installation.

Compatible USB Headsets From JPL

Our range of Plug & Play USB headsets are in stock and ready to deliver to help your business lower operating costs. Get in touch today to find out how JPL Telecom can work with your business.

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