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Choosing the Right Headset for Your Cisco IP Phone

Cisco is perhaps one of the most recognisable brands in the world of telecommunications with thousands of businesses using their IP phones for their daily business.

With lots of users, the question for many businesses is “how do I choose the best headset for my Cisco IP phones?”. After all, getting the wrong headset for any phone can create real issues for both users and the company, from poor connectivity between the phone headset and the Cisco IP phone to breakages and faults.

Choosing the right headset for your Cisco phones shouldn’t be a burden to your business, but how do you select the right Cisco phone headset? We’ve looked at the key factors that will help you choose the best headsets for your Cisco phones.

Know Your Cisco Phones

Over the years there have been dozens of different models of Cisco phone developed to help businesses like yours do more and communicate more effectively. With such a wide range of office phones however comes the challenge of knowing what they’re capable of and in the case of selecting a good headset, what they can connect to.

The first step of getting the best Cisco headset is to really get to know your phone models, what connections do they have and how will that affect the choice of headsets available to you?

Cisco 7900 Series Phone Headsets

Retaining the classic Cisco IP phone look that we’re all so familiar with, the Cisco 7900 has been going strong since the mid 2000’s. While it doesn’t feature any USB ports, there is a dedicated RJ11 port for a direct connection to your choice of Cisco 7900 series IP phone headset. You can also connect a HAC headset to the 7900 series Cisco phone through the handset connection.

Cisco 8800 Series Phone Headsets

The much more recent 8800 series IP phones from Cisco retain great usability and build on it with improved connectivity. While options vary across the range, analogue headsets connect through an RJ-9 connection, with some phones in the 8800 series also offering USB and Bluetooth connectivity, giving you complete freedom to choose the headset connectivity that works best for you.

SPA300/500 Series Phones

Another classic of the IP phone world, the fact that the Cisco SPA 300 and SPA 500 models are still on sale shows just how good they are. Of course their length of service is also reflected in the connections available for headsets. Using a 2.5mm jack for headset connections, these phones still provide a great experience with a headset, albeit through a slightly older connection type.

6800 Series Cisco Phones

Featuring an RJ-9 headset port, the 6800 series phones from Cisco offer basic but useful functions to allow the user to make the most of their connectivity and in the case of the 6871 there is also a USB port for additional connectivity options.

Be Sure to Check Your Cisco Phone

While we’ve referenced the core range of Cisco IP phones and their headset connectivity options, it’s always worth double checking the details for your specific phone. Different models in each range can have slightly different options for both wired headset and wireless headset options.


Whatever phone from the Cisco range you’re using, compatibility of headsets with your phones is crucial. You want to be able to unbox, plug in and start using your equipment straight away.

The JPL range of Quick Disconnect headsets are compatible across the Cisco group of desktop IP phones with the right bottom lead. Combining a headset with a bottom lead offers not only great compatibility, but also the option to hot desk or swap headsets without dropping a call.

You can use our headset compatibility check to see exactly which bottom lead you need to connect our Quick Disconnect headsets to your phone.

Know What You Need in a Headset

At the heart of any choice about the procurement of a headset should be information about the business and the end users of the headset. The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already considering your options, but what are the core details you really need to think about?

We’ve already mentioned that knowing your existing technology is a good place to start. Beyond this though, knowing your budget is also a key detail to have in mind, setting a realistic budget will allow you to keep control of costs.

There’s also your business needs to consider, if you only need a basic level of functionality, look at a more basic headset. This will not only ensure you get the best product fit, but also help to control your budget.

Finally, spend some time considering the needs of your staff too. Are there any of your team that might need a HAC headset, or prefer a binaural rather than a monaural headset to help them concentrate? Considering challenges like this before investing in your headsets will allow you to find the best solutions available.

Let JPL Guide You to the Right Cisco Headset

Take the hassle out of choosing the best headset for your situation with the help of our expert technical team. Get in touch, we’ll listen to your needs and suggest the best solution for your situation, what’s more, if you’re looking for more than 120 units, you can even take a free trial.

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