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Coming Up: An Upgrade to the JPL Commander Headset – UC Today

The Commander is getting revamped to cater to the business user’s every need

JPL Telecom’s popular Commander headset is getting revamped, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

The upgraded version of the work-from-anywhere headset will soon be available in both QD and USB variations, boasting all the extra gadgets needed to create the smoothest possible user experience.  

Business-Class Headset at an Entry-Level Price

JPL Telecom has no doubt that the Commander belongs in its Business Headset category, but that hasn’t stopped the headset manufacturer from pricing it more than fairly compared to market standard. This means that consumers get to enjoy a business-class headset for what is essentially an entry-level price. The upcoming upgrade is meant to reinforce that even further. 

“We wanted to add even more value to the Commander,” shares Jonathan Nuttall, UK Sales Manager at JPL Telecom 

Among other things, the upgraded Commander version has a more flexible headband and twisting speakers, allowing for much better personalization capabilities for users. It offers maximal physical comfort and is therefore perfectly designed for all-day wearing. 

“As we’ve originated from a Call Center background, we wanted to try and maintain that lightweight, robust-but-comfortable wearing style,” Nuttall explains. 

It is important for Nuttall to emphasize that the new version of the Commander is designed for retail, which means that the target market is individual users as much as it is larger companies. 

“We’ve basically brought our expertise from knowing what works in an all-day hard graft environment of a call centre and applied it to the BYOD market. So, we can definitely see people buying this off the shelf for their office.” 

The Importance of Plug and Play

The revamped Commander headset has two variants: QD and USB (coming with a USB-A to USB-C adapter). Both variants come in monaural and binaural wearing styles, and both are Plug and Play (the QD model easily connects to a designated USB cable to allow the PnP functionality). 

JPL Telecom has seen the Plug and Play capability becoming increasingly crucial, especially when it comes to large companies. 

“What’s really resonating with larger companies, as well as IT teams is: they don’t want to spend a lot of time on installing headsets,” says Nuttall.  

“So, what’s beneficial about this headset is the fact that if you’ve got a large rollout, this is completely Plug and Play. This means that no software downloads, updates, or ongoing maintenance are needed” 

The headset is also softphone-agnostic, working out-of-the-box with Zoom, Teams, Avaya and many others. 

Premium Sound Capabilities

The upgraded Commander uses JPL’s own trademarked Surround Shield noise cancellation technology, making for a smooth calling experience by dramatically reducing background noise. The unique NC technology also contains Acoustic Shock Protection, cutting out noises above 118 decibels and protecting the wearer in case of any noise assault that can damage the ears.  

JPL have also made sure to take care of the hardware aspect of sound quality by creating a flexible, hardwearing microphone boom arm.  

“Assuring the positioning of the boom arm helps it pick up the voice a lot better,” shares Nuttall.  

Last, but not least, it’s important to note that the Commander belongs in JPL’s Audio Telephony category of headsets, which means it’s designed for listening to music just as much as for conducting business calls, delivering rich tone sound for true voice audio and punchy music. 

“This is an area where we’ve recently just gone into, and it seems that we’ve done a really good job as we’re getting great responses from customers”

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