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Considerations When Investing in Wireless Headsets for Office Phones

Whether you’re just starting a business or have been trading for years, making the most of your communication methods can really help to grow revenue as we’ve discussed previously.

So investing in the best wireless headsets for your IP phones or laptops and mobiles doesn’t even need a second thought, does it? As feature-packed as wireless headsets for office phones might now be, there are some considerations when it comes to investing in a wireless headset vs the wired alternatives.

Wireless Headsets for Office Phones & More

Gone are the days when we simply communicated through a phone call down a single copper wire. With the advent of Unified Communications almost any device can be a communications device, but how does this affect choosing the right wireless headset for an office phone?

As communications technology has moved on, so has headset technology and we can now choose between Bluetooth and DECT connectivity types. Each has their own advantages, but the key here is to know what else, beyond the office phone, you may be wanting or needing to use a wireless headset with.

A USB wireless headset works by pairing a wireless headset with a USB dongle which is plugged into the device you want to connect to, from phones to laptops and almost anything in between. Great if everything has a USB socket or an in built USB receiver.

But what if you’re using an older office phone without USB or Bluetooth? Well this is where a DECT wireless headset will be more effective. Yes there’s reduced connectivity to other devices, but when it comes to desk phones a DECT wireless headset provides great wireless connectivity..

Future Proofing Your Office Phone Connectivity

We never really know what’s round the corner. From politics to procurement, planning for the future now can often help further down the line. The advent of Bluetooth headsets brought about a revolution in connectivity for headsets not just to an office phone, but to mobiles, laptops and more.

But what about DECT headsets? Are their days numbered? If you’re considering the best wireless headset for your office phones, DECT shouldn’t fall off your radar. JPL have taken steps to future proof their DECT headsets with the inclusion of a modular element which allows Bluetooth and USB cartridges to be installed.

This added layer of connectivity options helps to future proof your DECT headset against changes in connectivity should a business move away from IP phones or if there’s a need to connect a different type of device. This flexibility allows you to capitalise on the benefits of a DECT phone headset, while improving the connectivity across a range of devices.

The Benefits of a Wireless Office Phone Headset

The debate around whether the best headsets for your office phones are wireless or wired has been raging for years and in truth, there’s no right or wrong answer. Every business, every case is different and the needs of your office or home working environment will ultimately be what dictates if the wireless headsets are the best option for your teams.

Both wired and wireless headsets bring advantages to using an office phone, not least for the health and safety of those using the phone, but there are some distinct advantages which you may want to consider:

  • Reduced desk clutter
  • Freedom to move
  • Less breakages due to cables being trapped

Are Wireless Phone Headsets Right For You?

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that the best headset solution for your desk phone is a wireless headset, afterall, everything seems to be going wireless at the minute so surely that’s best.

It’s important to be pragmatic when considering an investment in wireless headsets however. Asking yourself whether the best headset for your situation is actually wireless could save you time, money and frustration.

Price point is a really important consideration here, Bluetooth and DECT wireless headsets are always going to be more expensive than some wired options. If you’re only buying a handful of units, price may not be a concern, however if you’re kitting out a call centre on a budget, costs can soon ramp up.

Hot desking shouldn’t really be an issue, but again, if your plans are to issue a headset to each hot desk user, the number of units and cost can also start to build. Of course, thanks to JPL’s Element range, you don’t need to buy a complete wireless headset for each user. The modular nature of the Element range means that you can supply each user with their own headband and just change the speaker and mic unit.

Ultimately there are a whole host of considerations to make when thinking about investing in a wireless headset solution for your office phones. The best wireless headset for your office phones could be a Bluetooth headset, it could be a DECT wireless option but the final choice will depend on your circumstances.

Find the Best Wireless Headset Solution For Your Office Phones.

If you’re struggling to know what’s right for your business, speak to one of the JPL Telecom team. We’ll talk you through the options available based on your current communication needs so you can find the best solution to your communication challenges.

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