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COVID Plan B: How USB headsets can help your business

With the Government once again introducing guidance for people to work from home where possible, it could be time to think again about equipping your office staff with USB headsets. Read on to find out why.

From Monday 13th December, the UK Government has once again asked office workers in England to work from home where possible. While many businesses with call centres and telephone based sales teams will have adapted previously, now could be the perfect opportunity to review how teams are communicating and why investing in the right USB headset technology could improve performance.

As a national supplier of USB headsets for call centres, we’ve seen how the right binaural or monaural headset can benefit staff both on site and when working from home.

Virtual call centres

Throughout earlier lockdowns and requests to work from home, many businesses who operate call centres will have undoubtedly moved their teams to work from home. Moving to virtual call centres has meant many headset users now work through laptops which support USB connectivity for headsets and not much else; but with many call centre headsets using other connection types, a rush to equip call centre staff could have led to cheaper, lower quality products being supplied.

Well over a year later, the headset solutions that were provided in a rush for call centre workers may no longer be fit for purpose. Taking the time to review the call centre USB headsets used by your staff could help to improve not only the experience your staff have when communicating with customers, but also the quality of call for your customers.

Virtual call centres are here to stay for a time, investing in the right headset technology for your teams now will provide long term benefits.

How USB headsets improve comms

In an effort to move to home working quickly, many users requiring a wired USB headset solution will have been asked to use an existing headset with a USB adapter. This can provide a solution to the problem of staff needing to connect to a device though a USB port; but using call centre headsets through a USB adapter is not a long term solution, as it can limit functionality that the right laptop USB headset can provide.

Features such as in line controls, allowing the user to control volume, muting the microphone and accepting or ending a call make communication so much easier for staff to do their job effectively. These headset features may not seem essential, but with softphones being replaced by software when working away from the call centre environment, inline controls provide quick and easy access to functions which would normally be provided through a physical phone.

Noise cancelling for extra focus

Nothing is worse for the customers speaking to your staff than background noise. Choosing a headset with a good noise cancelling microphone and a flexible boom arm for easy positioning makes a big difference for callers being able to hear conversations clearly. Call clarity can help reduce call times, allowing call handlers and sales teams to focus on their job without having to repeat parts of conversations due to background noise.

JPL USB headsets feature Surround Shield™ noise cancelling microphone technology to provide clear conversations whether at home or in the office.

Choosing a quality USB headsets supplier

Whether you’re looking to source replacement wired or wireless USB headsets for call centre and office based staff, or get teams set up with the right equipment in the first place, choosing the right supplier to meet your headset needs makes all the difference.

With many JPL headsets sold with a 2 or 3 year warranty you can be sure that our office and call centre USB headsets are built to last, while providing comfort to the user for extended use. Accidents do happen though, and we also stock a wide range of spare parts and accessories, allowing any damage to be repaired without having to buy a completely new headset.

Another advantage of choosing JPL headsets is the volume of wired and wireless headsets we carry in stock despite the global chip shortage, meaning we can fulfil almost any order.