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Going Wireless With Cisco IP Phones

Recently we looked at how to find the right headset for your Cisco IP phone, mainly focussing on wired headset solutions, but what if a wired solution isn’t right for you? What are the options and considerations when it comes to a wireless headset for Cisco IP phones?

The wireless options available come in two forms, DECT and Bluetooth. We’re not going to tell you which one is right for you, but we can help by giving you the key information which should help you to reach your own conclusions.

Why Should You Go Wireless With a Cisco Phone?

A great place to start is by considering whether you actually need a wireless solution in the first place. We’re not trying to put you off a wireless solution, but there are pros and cons to anything and wireless headsets are no different.

Taking a moment to think about the use case for your headsets will help you to determine the need for a wireless headset for your Cisco phones. Do the end users need to be able to move around, or connect to multiple different devices and do those devices support Bluetooth? Or perhaps you need to connect multiple headsets to a single phone. In all of these scenarios, a wireless headset solution could be right for you.

Check Your Phone Features Carefully

Now you’re sure that a wireless headset is right for your Cisco IP phones, it’s important to know what your phones actually support. Cisco has and continues to make such a broad range of IP phone models but, as perhaps you might expect, not all of them feature the same connectivity options.

It’s not even that connectivity changes from series to series, but even different phone models in the same range have differing connections. As you can see in this model comparison for the Cisco 8800 series, there are models featuring no wireless connectivity and some DECT and Bluetooth. 

So it’s important that you check not just your phone series, but also the exact model specifications carefully to be sure of the wireless options available to connect directly to your phones. You might be looking for a Bluetooth headset for your Cisco phones, but if you can’t connect one, then it’s not really an option.

What Are The Options Beyond Bluetooth

Of course, even if you have a phone without a wireless connectivity option built in, that doesn’t exclude you from making use of wireless headsets with your Cisco phones.

So long as your Cisco phone features a headset port, you can look at a DECT headset solution, which still offers a wireless headset but through a base station connected to your Cisco phone through the headset port.

This might sound a bit old hat, but there are advantages to a DECT wireless headset and base station such as the JPL Explore. Primarily, these are the functions available on the base station, not only does it act as a stand to keep your headset safe, but while on the stand, your headset charges, so it’s always ready for that important call.

JPL Explore DECT headset base station with headset

The base station also features a range of controls and indicator lights to help the user while using the headset, while the headset itself features controls such as start and end a call.

Wireless Headsets Compatible With Cisco Phones

Even if you have checked all of the information you can for your phones, it’s always worth being extra sure before spending on wireless headsets. Our knowledgeable team is well placed to be able to advise on wireless connectivity options, so why not get in touch to make sure your choices are fully compatible.

Let JPL Guide You to the Right Cisco Headset

Take the hassle out of choosing the best headset for your situation with the help of our expert technical team. Get in touch, we’ll listen to your needs and suggest the best solution for your situation, what’s more, if you’re looking for more than 120 units, you can even take a free trial.

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