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How the Right Headset Will Help you get More From Your Avaya IP phone

Whether you’re using an older Avaya 9600 Series or the newer J100 Series, using the right telephone headset for your Avaya IP phone will help you to get more from your phone. But what is the right headset, how do you choose and what do we mean by “get more from your phone”?

The Right Avaya Phone Headset

The right headset can mean different things to different people, but for procurement teams looking to secure a quantity of headsets for a business using an Avaya phone system, then the right Avaya phone headset will most likely be a mixture of:

  • User needs
    • Comfort
    • Monaural/binaural
  • Business needs
    • Cost
    • Connectivity
    • Return on investment
    • Longevity

The right headset will also very much depend on the model or models of Avaya phone that headsets are intended to work with. Afterall, there’s no point in investing in USB phone headsets if you’re using an Avaya 9608 which doesn’t support USB connectivity.

Compatible Headsets for Avaya Phones

With such a wide range of new and older Avaya phones in use, ensuring you have a compatible headset is critical. Fortunately, JPL Telecom provides a whole host of Avaya compatible headset options which mean that no matter whether you’re looking for a wired headset or a wireless option, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Avaya Headset Compatibility Checker

So how do you know which headset will work with your Avaya phones? Simple, our compatibility checker allows you to select your phone and headset model and see which bottom lead will allow your chosen headset to work with your phone. This helps to take the confusion and mystery out of choosing the best option.

Connectivity Options for Avaya Phone Headsets

Connectivity is one of the core elements on JPL Telecom headsets for Avaya phones and inline with this, our range of headsets come with all the connectivity options you need.

Wired Headsets

If you’re looking for a wired headset solution, then look no further. With USB headsets becoming more and more commonplace due to the ability to use them across a range of devices, we have a complete range of USB headsets.

If you’re hot desking in a call centre however, your needs may be better served by or Quick Disconnect range of headsets which allow the user to connect their headset to an adapter which remains attached to the phone.

Of course we also have RJ11 options too for older Avaya phones.

Wireless Avaya Headsets

If wireless headsets are your chosen route, we also have a range of Bluetooth wireless headsets and DECT headset options.

Bluetooth capable Avaya phones can connect directly (or indirectly via the BT220 dongle) with our BT500D headset, alternatively our DECT headsets come with a base station to connect to your phone.

Better Results With Avaya Headsets

When we talk about “getting more from your Avaya phone” with the use of a headset, understanding what that means to you and your business is important. It helps to set expectations of what value a headset might deliver.

For example, a headset on its own will not suddenly unlock a host of new features on your IP phones, however what it can do is improve the users ability to do their job effectively. Whether this is in a sales role, where you might expect the conversion rate from prospect to sale to increase, or in a customer service role where you might expect call wait times to decrease, these are both examples of better results.

Let JPL Guide You to the Right Avaya Headset

Take the hassle out of choosing the best headset for your situation with the help of our expert technical team. Get in touch, we’ll listen to your needs and suggest the best solution for your situation, what’s more, if you’re looking for more than 120 units, you can even take a free trial.

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