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How to ensure comfortable working conditions in the office and at home during a pandemic – Infocity

The last two years have become one of the most difficult in recent history and have forced many to change the usual foundations in life and work. Previously, remote work was the lot of a very narrow circle of specialists, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, most companies had to transfer staff to remote work, urgently creating remote jobs. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most popular products at the same time turned out to be inexpensive USB headsets. Among the main customers of such products were large call centers, banks, telecom operators and other companies whose employees were transferred to remote work.

JPL Telecom

One of the manufacturers of headsets is JPL Telecom (https://www.jpltele.com), which has recently started selling in Azerbaijan. Founded in 2004 in the UK, JPL Telecom began its journey with the supply of components for industry manufacturers. The company produces a wide range of products, ranging from entry-level office USB headsets for ordinary computers to professional telephone headsets in wired and wireless DECT/Bluetooth versions. The increased strength and lightness of JPL Telecom headsets and accessories ensure comfort during long-term operation. Patented technologies make it easy to change the style of wearing using one or two speakers. With the help of the Quick Disconnect system, it becomes possible to disconnect headsets without losing the call. And microphones with noise reduction function, which are equipped with all headsets, provide a high level of speech quality, without extraneous sounds. The official distributor of JPL Telecom products and solutions in Azerbaijan is ABRIS.

JPL Commander-2

We will talk about one of the headsets from this manufacturer today, namely the Commander-2. This is one of the few universal devices that follow the Plug & Play principle, that is, it does not require any software to install. The absence of software simplifies the deployment of the device for users and provides peace of mind to employers who do not really welcome employees visiting third-party websites to download software or change computer settings on their own. Commander-2 was created as a real headset for audio telephony. For example, hybrid speakers allow the user to play real stereo sound while listening to music and switch to mono mode for both ears for the purpose of voice communication.

Another key feature of the Commander-2 is the use of a new noise reduction technology in the microphone, reinforced with 60 mm soft ear pads. In fact, Commander-2 uses PNC (passive noise reduction) technology, not ANC (active noise reduction), and there is a good reason for this. “ANC creates white noise that can cause headaches and usually creates an artificial sound environment compared to PNC. That’s why in this category at the moment we decided to listen to the advice of customers and focus on providing the best ear-to-ear. It is passive in the sense that it covers the ear rather than actively using ANC, as I believe that the current ANC technology is not good enough yet,” says JPL Telecom CEO James Clark.

The Commander-2 headset is made of matte black plastic with small blue inserts. Small round speakers are made of the same plastic, they are movable, which allows for a better fit of the headset on the user’s head. Ear pads with a diameter of 60 mm are made of eco-leather. On one of the headphones there is a microphone on a flexible rod. The thin headband is made of metal for greater reliability and is framed with a soft insert. There are 7 positions of the headband for height adjustment. On the cable you will find a convenient control panel with three buttons that allow you to adjust the volume and turn the microphone on or off. When the microphone is turned off, the red indicator light lights up. It is worth noting that there is also a Commander-1 model with one speaker and models that support QD connection.

Of course, for any headset, weight and ease of wearing on the head are important. The weight of the Commander-2 is only 82 grams, so you practically do not feel it when you work actively for several hours. The headset arms are also covered with a soft material, ensuring reliable retention and comfort. The flexible microphone is optimized for precise positioning and is equipped with the proprietary Surround Shield noise reduction technology. Adjustment within 2700 and fixation in any position are allowed, which provides comfortable working conditions in any environment.

The JPL Commander-2 is an excellent working headset that will give you the most out of use. It takes into account such important points as price, reliability, efficiency, microphone quality and ease of use. So, if you are looking for a wired headset for call handling and video chats, then the Commander-2 is quite a good option. Of course, the frequency characteristics of this headset limit its capabilities as headphones for listening to music, but it copes with its immediate responsibilities perfectly.

Technical specifications of JPL Commander-2:

  • Compatible with left/right speaker;
  • Stereo sound for music and monophonic sound for speech;
  • Surround Shield Noise Cancelling Microphone;
  • Fully flexible microphone for precise positioning;
  • Microphone rod adjustable within 2700;
  • Microphone boom with ratchet mechanism;
  • Weight: 82 g;
  • Connection: USB-A;
  • Microphone impedance: 1.0 kOhm;
  • Microphone sensitivity: -49 ± 3 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa);
  • Microphone frequency range: 100 — 16000 Hz;
  • Speaker resistance: 32 ohms ± 10% at 1 kHz, 0.18 V;
  • Maximum speaker sound pressure: 122 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz;
  • Speaker frequency range: 20 Hz — 20000 Hz.

JPL Vision Mini

The quality of the cameras built into laptops, alas, leaves much to be desired, so an external webcam during a pandemic will be a good way out. Therefore, JPL Telecom has started producing web cameras since last year, the development of which has been carried out for several years by engineers with extensive experience in this field. And the JPL Vision Mini, which has a very convenient design, is quite a practical option due to its characteristics and affordable price.

JPL Vision Mini has a classic look, but has a very convenient mount to the monitor. This is a three-position unit with a rubber insert on the thrust part, thanks to which the camera can be hung on any monitor, be it a laptop screen, an LCD monitor or even a TV. Another important feature is the ability to rotate the camera by 3600 and change the angle of inclination, which is not inherent in models of this class. Another nuance is a separate massive shutter for the camera, which is attached to the lens, allowing you to close it. The lens itself received a 2.7″ diameter lens. There are also two full-duplex microphones on the front side of the camera. Vision Mini also follows the Plug & Play principle. Just plug the cable from the camera into the USB port, and everything will work. The device can shoot video with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. The camera’s viewing angle of 670 allows you to capture a person at a distance of 0.5 m, leaving another 0.4 m on the sides, which is great for participating in video conferences. It is worth noting that in the JPL line there are several more cameras for the office and at home. But the Vision Mini is the simplest and most convenient of them. There is a good lens and stereo microphones, and the connection is quite simple. The camera supports all applications used for remote work and distance learning, including the most popular ZOOM, Skype, Microsoft Terms and OBS.


Of course, computer peripherals are multifaceted and diverse. In most cases, when talking about peripherals, we perceive it as a product designed for gamers, but this is not the case at all. Headsets are needed not only for players to communicate in voice chat and coordinate their actions, but also for people working in the corporate segment. Call center employees and those who work remotely during the pandemic need headsets to communicate with both clients and colleagues. Therefore, devices for work must meet not only technical requirements, but also be simply convenient and not very expensive. JPL Commander-2 belongs to this class, and together with the Vision Mini webcam, this headset forms a tandem of high-quality devices that will provide you with a comfortable workplace and allow you to stay focused in any environment.

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