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How Wireless Headsets can Bring Harmony to Your Office

A harmonious office, call centre or workplace is something many of us look for when we go to work. Unfortunately for many who work in a communications environment this can often feel like a pipedream. While a wireless laptop headset might not be the first thing you think of to improve office harmony, you might be surprised to find out wireless headsets can contribute to office harmony.

There are many ways which employers use to try and encourage a harmonious, collaborative and happy working environment, from plants, funky seating and creative spaces through to free beer and pizza. Among all this though, is there a simple change which could bring improvements to your working spaces?

Why a Harmonious Workspace Matters

On the surface, it might seem like the effort required to make your working environments happier places isn’t worth it and may even be a waste of money. However when you look at the data (source), there are several strong reasons why you should strive to better work places:

  • 85% of workers dissatisfied with workplace which could increase staff churn
  • Happier employees are 31% more productive and sell 37% more
  • Happy workers report 10x fewer sick days

All of these directly affect the bottom line of your business and if you didn’t think it was worth the effort before, perhaps you do now.

Wireless Headsets to the Rescue?

So how can a wireless headset save the day and contribute to the happy workplace we all long for? There are a number of factors which can lead to unhappy colleagues and build to create discontent.

Wireless Headsets Improve Posture

If you’ve ever sat at a desk for extended periods of time, you’ll know how easy it can be for bad posture to creep in. Even when you’re not on the phone, seating positions change and create a lack of comfort, making people irritable.

This can be exacerbated by spending long periods using a phone handset, or possibly a wired headset with a cable which is too short.

Introduce a wireless headset to the scenario however and you can eliminate these causes of irritability, resulting in fewer reasons for people to be unhappy.

Wireless Headsets Allow Movement

If you’ve ever been in an office and needed to concentrate on something really important like a conference or sales call, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to be tethered to your desk and phone.

The noise generated by colleagues can be a huge distraction, reducing concentration. We’ve all sat near a noisy talker at some point and no matter how hard we try, there’s no escaping the noise.

This is where a wireless headset for a desk phone or a wireless headset for a laptop can really shine, allowing the freedom to move away from our connected devices and find a quieter space to work. The improvement in concentration creates improved output and happier employees.

Wireless Headsets Prevent Cable Catastrophes

The modern office comes with all sorts of minor challenges sent to test even the most relaxed of workers, one of which is the plethora of technology at our disposal. When working with a wired headset this can make it frustrating and difficult to move from one device to another quickly, often requiring different cables for different devices.

A Bluetooth wireless headset does away with this frustration with the ability to connect to multiple devices including laptops, mobile phones and softphones without a single cable. Being able to move between devices quickly is a huge benefit when working in a Unified Communications environment.

It’s Not All About Headsets, But They Help

While a wireless laptop or telephone headset isn’t going to turn your workplace into the picture on tranquility overnight, they can certainly play their part in a mix of measures to help employees manage the challenges that come with working in close proximity with each other. One of the most important things is to engage with staff to understand their needs and what may be causing frustrations.

Wireless Headsets From JPL

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