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Indispensable: high-quality modular headsets – Staples

Clear communication with colleagues and customers is indispensable. This is increasingly happening remotely. By telephone, via chat or with (video) call meetings software. This also means that headsets now represent a much larger share of operating costs than they used to. Choosing carefully is even more important.

Payback is almost instant

Morgan de Ruiter, Managing Director of JPL Telecom EMEA, is very clear about this: “The business payback on high-quality telephone headsets is almost immediate when you consider their contribution to the productivity of staff in remote work situations. More and more companies are investing in higher quality headsets as they see them as part of their long term solution”.

As a leading manufacturer of UC/CC compatible headsets, JPL Telecom has introduced a family of modular headsets, whose models offer maximum flexibility for users while being cost-effective.

The Element series offers a choice between the three main headset purchase categories:

  • Wired (the TT3);
  • Wireless DECT (the X500)
  • Bluetooth (the BT500)

All plug-and-play with an automatic configuration.

Modular so versatile

“The idea is that when you buy a new headset, you normally have to decide at the time of purchase whether it’s one ear or binaural,” explains Morgan.

“But not with these headsets, as they all have interchangeable headbands. This means that if you start with one ear and at some point find yourself preferring binaural – perhaps because you have to participate in highly concentrated conversations – you only have to buy a binaural headband instead of a completely new headset.”

If a company has bought headsets for its employees and the user changes or a more luxurious headband is ultimately desired, this can be done very efficiently.

JPL’s patented modular headsets have become the company’s best-selling products for more than one reason: they not only offer greater flexibility and a choice of wearing styles for end users – they’re also durable. As a result, companies get a longer use from this purchase.

“The part of a headset that breaks first is usually the headband, and if the headband breaks, you have to buy a brand new headset, which is quite expensive,” explains Morgan.

“We realized that making the headband replaceable should save customers money, as the expensive part of the headset is actually the microphone boom. In other words, in two or three years, when they come to replace their headset, they should only have to buy a new headband, which reduces the cost of ownership significantly.”

COVID versus hygiene

JPL came up with this idea before COVID, but the pandemic has reinforced its relevance.

“As personal hygiene becomes critical, there is a good chance that companies will not want to pass the same headset between employees for safety reasons. Which means they have to buy a new headset every time they hire a new employee. But with this patented modular headset system, all they have to do is but buy a new headband, because the microphone boom doesn’t touch the skin.”

High quality and durable

The TT3 corded headset – the oldest of the three Element models – proves that JPL’s sustainability idea works really well for their customers: the rebuys on the headband are now coming through.

“The TT3 was our best-selling headset before COVID, and we are now getting more and more orders for its headbands. Right now, the headband sales are actually better than the microphone boom arm.”

This proves the point of sustainability and how people use these products. The fact is that when purchasing a headband, it is a small fraction of the price of the overall headset and you are getting a quality headset for your money. It’s a win-win.


About JPL and how it started

The first activities arose around 1993 with the development and production of components for headsets. The current name JPL (James Products Limited) was registered in 2004.

JPL Telecom now manifests itself as a designer and manufacturer of professional headsets, webcams, and accessories for contact centres and users of Unified Communication. Morgan states: “in 2004, it became essential to add an element that is unique to the market and the concept. Our modular design is the key to that success.”

The industry is increasingly striving for circular working, reducing waste and CO 2, and extending the life of a product is an integral part of this. JPL Telecom’s headsets have also been optimized in this regard and can be found in the Staples Solutions range.