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Interview with Eric Luteijn: These are the benefits of circular headsets

JPL Telecom is currently a lesser-known brand among the general public, but it has long since made its mark. We spoke with Morgan de Ruiter, Managing Director EMEA at JPL Telecom, about the rise of the brand in the European market.

How it started

The current name JPL (James Products Limited) was registered in 2004. Initially, JPL supplied designs and allowed some of the A-brand headset companies to offer the JPL products as an OEM supplier. In 2017, the policy changed and it was decided to also offer complete products under its own name. Morgan: “JPL Telecom now manifests itself as a designer and manufacturer of professional headsets, webcams, and accessories for contact centers and users of Unified Communication.”

Modular concept as a unique feature

Morgan: “If you are going to produce under your own name, it is essential to have something unique. Our modular design is key to this.” The industry is increasingly striving for circularity, for example, reducing waste and CO2, and extending the life of a product.

Such as the headsets from JPL Telecom. The electronics are packaged as a compact unit in an interchangeable module. This universal module fits in a headband that completes the headset. The customer decides which headband to use. For work in the office, for example, a stereo version for isolation. And for working from home, a mono version that covers one ear and allows simultaneous contact with the environment.

JPL Telecom has selected the Hengelo-based value-adding distributor Valadis for distribution in the Benelux.

Valadis specializes in IP products. The company grew from the modem activities in the early years into a specialist for IP for SMEs (headsets, firewalls, cables, and telecom). Valadis founder Robert Nijhof: “Our strength lies in our knowledge and experience, especially at the start of a project. We can then guide the project choices. JPL has great value for us due to the circular concept, the better margin for the partner channel, and the willingness to make customization possible for smaller numbers, without extra costs.” As a result, Valadis can also provide customization for smaller projects, something that is only possible with the well-known A-brands with much higher numbers…

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