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JPL appoints distributor in Germany

JPL Telecom Limited and DBH Germany, today annouced a partnership. Under this partnership DBH Germany pair JPL Telecom’s world-class headsets with their Unified Communication products to provide a complete package.

JPL’s customers are based in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Russia and range from call centres, the NHS, charities, service and public sectors, education and these days any business having to adapt to remote working.

The company develops and produces industry firsts in sustainable and future-proof headsets and recently have introduced a range of webcams and conference room solutions.

Bernhard Metzler, Sales / Logistics, DBH Germany, said: “With its solid and innovative portfolio of Headphones and Webcams; JPL undoubtedly has the solution to meet the needs of users and especially our current and future customers. It is therefore with great interest and with great motivation that DBH Germany approaches this partnership and will use its experience of over 10 years in the telecommunications market.

We are sure that this partnership, thanks to the involvement of the 2 teams, will be crowned with success”.

Based in Schutterwald, Germany, DBH Germany GmbH supports both national and international dealers and system houses from the telecommunications industry with advice and action. We don’t just think of the here and now, but look ahead to the continued existence of used ICT products and the protection of the environment! #savetheplanet with over 2,000 square meters of storage space, 100,000 products, 3 external employees and over 400 happy customers, we are now approaching 10 years of existence and experience.

People now make a lot of phone calls using computer-based programs – softphones, or mobile phones. A classic telephone is no longer a must. So in 2018, we built up a new mainstay and created our own brand Revitel. Revitel products are inexpensive headsets and headset accessories. In 2020 we took over the distribution for JPL headsets and webcams in Germany. JPL offers a great symbiosis of price and performance in their products. With innovative patents like for the BT500 and the X500, this manufacturer has thought about the needs of the user and is therefore one step ahead of the big manufacturers.

Based in England, JPL Telecom has designed and manufactured professional headsets for office use, contact centres and unified communications since 2004. We have grown globally and are now the UK’s third largest manufacturer of professional business telecom headsets. In other territories JPL has enjoyed significant growth but in 2020 this was accelerated due to the need for people to work from home to allow JPL to have a significant part of the market for headsets and webcams solutions.

JPL Telecom offers a wide range of professional telecom headsets, ranging from entry level office use headsets to professional call centre use headsets in wired and wireless DECT styles, providing a real alternative to the current brand leaders. In 2020 we introduced a range of affordable 1080p HD webcams that are ideal for office workers and students alike as a meeting room or work at home solution. The company’s aim is to continuously improve customer choice, offering value to our resellers and end users.

To find out more about JPL and their product range go to www.jpltele.com

JPL Telecom contact:
Email: sales@jpltele.com

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