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JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD Wired Headset Compatible with Plantronics/Poly Solutions Review: Excellent Communication Solution – IXBT

Working in a call centre is hard, sometimes exhausting work. Constant communication with customers makes it necessary to constantly wear a headset in order to increase the productivity and agility of the operator at work. In today’s review, we will talk about the modular device, the JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD wired headset.

Specifications JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD

Type electret condenser
Directed Noise suppression
Impedance Maximum. 2.2 kOhm
Sensitivity -49±3 dB at 1 kHz
Frequency range 100 Hz – 10 kHz
Working temperature from -20°С to +60°С
Storage temperature -25°C to +70°C
Type Electrodynamic
Impedance 32 ohm ± 15%
Sound pressure 126 ± 3 dB at 1 mW and 1 kHz
Sound intensity Maximum. Power 300mW
Frequency range 100 Hz – 5 kHz
Working temperature from -25°С to +50°С
Storage temperature from -25°С to +50°С

Packing and scope of delivery

The JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD wired headset comes in a small case with a relatively rigid frame. On the top cover of the case, there is a schematic image of the headset and the JPL logo.

Inside the case are a JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD headset and a quick start guide. The kit is rather modest, but at the same time, it includes everything you need to start working with the device.


JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD has a very compact size and low weight, which is only 97 grams. The workmanship is at a high level, an excellent combination of black and grey, a combination of metal and rubberized plastic look organic and expensive, while the headset has a strict, restrained design, and the body design evokes a feeling of reliability.

The bases of the cups are rotatable around a vertical axis, the angle of rotation is about 90° inwards, and about 30° outwards. Such angles of rotation suggest that the user can lay the device flat, which can be very convenient during transportation and storage, as the device will take up less space. The earpads are round, made of soft, high-quality eco-leather. The body of the cups, like the entire headset, is made of rubberized plastic.

The headband is also made of plastic, and to increase rigidity, wear-resistance and comfort during operation, a metal base is provided inside the headband. The inside of the headband is equipped with small, stylish eco-leather pads, thanks to which the headset does not cause discomfort when in contact with the head. Headband downforce is moderately strong, but not excessive. During operation, there is no discomfort from wearing.

In the place of fixation of the cups and the headband, there are sliding arms, marked from 1 to 7, on the inner surface. The temples allow you to change the size of the head circumference for the headset, providing the opportunity to optimally select the size.

The name of the model is located on the outer surface.

The JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD ear pads are small in size but deep enough, they are made of high-quality eco-leather, similar to that of the headband pads. Inside the earpads are filled with anatomical latex. The use of this material, with a memory effect, contributes to the fact that, within a few minutes after use, the ear cushions take the form of adjacent surfaces.

The detachable microphone assembly has a swivel, flexible arm that is 115mm long. At the bottom is a wire that has protection against kinks. The module is equipped with a swivel bar, the angle of rotation can reach 280°, which allows you to wear the headset on both the left and right ear. At the end of the gooseneck is a Surround Shield noise-cancelling microphone.

Also, an important feature of the JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD headset is the use of a Quick Disconnect (QD) connector that is compatible with Plantronics / Poly solutions.

The transport case is of excellent workmanship, allows you to store the headset in it, it also has a pocket for storing additional accessories and hygiene products for handling the headset.

Separately, I would like to say about the cable for connecting the headset to the USB port. It is purchased separately. The JPL BL 054MS P cable is equipped with a fairly long cable, 1.5 meters. It has a remote control with buttons:

  • Volume control (increase/decrease);
  • Enable / disable the microphone (Mute function);
  • Accept/reject a call.

Also on the body of the remote control, there is a colour indication.

Operation, sound, control

The JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD is a modular headset capable of giving the user a choice of wearing style. If you have the right kit, the user has the opportunity to make a change from a monophonic headband to a binaural headset in a few simple steps. Such a solution allows you to save money and increase the life of the device because when changing the headband there is no need to buy a microphone assembly.

Due to its compact overall dimensions and low weight, it absolutely does not interfere with wearing, however, you will have to adapt to this and choose the size for yourself.

During testing, the headset was worn for 6 hours and there was no discomfort from use after the size of the headband was selected and the position of the microphone arm was set. It is important to understand here that this is a device for business and is not intended for listening to music. The main priority here is given to the microphone, which has an excellent noise reduction system. During testing, when communicating, none of the interlocutors complained about background noise, even when the headset was connected to a mobile device and used in a noisy shopping centre. The interlocutors noted that there is no background noise, no echo, the voice is heard perfectly. There are also no complaints about the quality of the speakers, they perfectly convey the voice. The sound of the speakers is quite well balanced, and if you wish, you can watch a movie or listen to music, but in this case, you should not expect anything supernatural, even though the device is oriented towards a slightly different segment. Here I would like to note that the JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD has a very good volume margin.

In our case, the headset was connected to the USB port using a special JPL BL 054P cable, after which it was possible to communicate with various messengers, such as Skype, Telegram, etc. The device belongs to the Plug&Play class and, accordingly, was automatically configured by the system. No additional drivers needed to be installed.


  • Build quality and quality of materials used;
  • Small weight;
  • Swivel bowls;
  • Removable microphone assembly;
  • Dual speakers provide better concentration when talking;
  • Patented unique interchangeable headband;
  • Possibility of replacement with a headband with one speaker;
  • Noise-cancelling microphone Surround Shield;
  • Full-range speakers with Sound Shield protection;
  • Possibility of wearing both on the left and on the right ear;
  • Ratchet microphone arm;
  • Compatible with PC and mobile devices;
  • The JPL BL 054P cable is equipped with control keys and “mute” light indication;
  • Comfort headband;
  • Eco-leather ear pads with a diameter of 50 mm;
  • Skype certification;
  • Compatible with Plantronics/Poly solutions;
  • Case for transportation and storage of the headset, which is very important for the CC operator, as additional ergonomics and comfort;
  • The comfortable feeling when worn throughout the day.


  • The USB cable must be purchased separately;
  • Heavy remote control mounted on a JPL BL 054P cable.


In summary, I would like to say that the JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD is an excellent, high-quality instrument and will be appreciated by users who spend a lot of time negotiating, for whom ease of construction and wearing comfort are fundamental factors. This model, in addition to excellent ergonomic properties, has decent technical characteristics, due to which, when communicating, the interlocutor practically does not hear background noise coming from the office, and the speakers perfectly transmit the voice. This model is easy to use, has an excellent protective case, and an additional cable, which is purchased separately, allows you to easily connect the headset to the USB port. In general, the JPL Element TT3-AVANT-B QD modular headset sits perfectly on the head.

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