BT500D – Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Bluetooth headset with a patented interchangeable headband from dual speaker to single speaker to suit the way you like to work. Larger diameter speakers designed to produce Real Sound audio, ideal for music and speech. Surround Shield™ noise cancellation microphone technology for clarity of speech. All-day wearing comfort with our lightweight design, and leatherette ear cushions.

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Our Element range of headsets are specifically designed to extend the life of the headset and reduce e-waste.
Element-TT3- AVANT          JPL-Element-X500          JPL-Element-BT500D
Because of the modular design, if a speaker/microphone/headband breaks (out of warranty), you only need to replace half of the headset (one part). Thereby increasing the life of the headset, decreasing the cost of ownership, and reducing the amount that has to be thrown away.

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Giving Back to the Environment

This month JPL has planted 2 Rowan trees at our Dorset headquarters, to help give back to our local area and environment. Sustainability is a key focus for us as a team and business so we are proud to be able to make a positive environmental impact.

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