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JPL Newsletter January

JPL-Explore Now With A Binaural Headband

JPL-Explore-B DECT Wireless Headset

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The JPL-Explore-B includes enhanced software for better compatibility and sound, a new headband design with a padded headband cushion, larger ear cushions, and a swivel headband joint for all-day wearing comfort, as well as a longer microphone boom arm to further enhance the Surround Shield noise cancellation.

It is a modular system that gives you the unique ability to have multiple combinations. Users can enhance their desk phone at any time by combining a Bluetooth* or USB* connection and have the option to change from a binaural headband to a monaural headband*
*Available to purchase as an optional accessory.

Our Element range of headsets have been specifically designed to extend the life of the headset and reduce e-waste. Because of the modular design, if a speaker, microphone or headband breaks (out of warranty), you only need to replace half of the headset (one part). Increasing the life of the headset, decreasing the cost of ownership and reducing the amount that has to be thrown away.

See some of the JPL-Explore-B features in the video below ?

How to Maintain Your Headset.

Maintaining good headset hygiene practices and protecting the headset whilst travelling or storing your headset helps to keep it in good working order and protects you, the wearer, from bacteria, infections or breakages

Watch the tutorial on how to clean your headset in the video below ?

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