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JPL Telecom improves its line of communication devices

JPL Telecom announces their updated Commander and Element-BT500D professional business headsets. With improved functionality and ergonomics, these devices provide even greater comfort and productivity in the office, as well as in hybrid or remote workspaces. 

JPL Telecom has implemented the plug and play approach that is applied to most of the company’s headsets which means that no software download is required or using it only as a last resort, the company said in a press release. For example, when the selected softphone vendor makes changes that could affect the performance of JPL Telecom headsets.

“Research shows that even after the end of the coronavirus restrictions, a large percentage of companies will maintain hybrid and remote operating models. We update our products according to the requirements of specialists. So that for any office visit schedule or constant work from home, they provide excellent ergonomics, reliability, functionality, and the highest voice quality in any environment. At JPL Telecom we try to think through every detail when it comes to microphones, speakers, comfort, the quality of our devices, and also the cost, ”says James Clarke, founder, and CEO of JPL Telecom.

Commander version 2021

The headset features 60mm leatherette ear cushions, a fully adjustable, comfortable Sure-Fit headband with soft coverage, and premium stereo speakers for music and speech. Commander is ideal for use in contact centers, webinars, conference calls, listening to music, and any other multimedia application.

Flexible microphone for precise positioning features proprietary Surround Shield ™ noise-cancelling technology with 270 ° boom adjustment and lockable in any position. In addition, in the updated 2021 model, the Commander headset has swivel speakers for an even more comfortable fit and improved passive noise cancellation, a USB-A to USB-C adapter for instant connection to most USB devices, and a soft carrying case as a convenient storage device for wires and the headset itself. James Clarke adds: “We’ve tried to make the Commander headset a complete solution that includes everything a user could want.”

The Commander is available in several versions: with one or two headphones, with USB or QD connection.

Element-BT500D 2021 version

The new version of the modular Bluetooth headset Element-BT500D has a patented design with an interchangeable headband and the ability to choose between a version with one or two headphones.

The modular design gives the Element-BT500D a significant increase in the life cycle. If a speaker, microphone, or headband breaks down, you only need to replace one part instead of buying a new device. In addition, the cost of adapting to changes in use is reduced: the transition from a headset with two speakers to one and vice versa occurs by replacing only one component. Also, with the transfer of the headset from one employee to another, it is enough to change the parts that touch the skin, and not the entire headset.

The updated Element-BT500D with a durable yet lightweight design has premium speakers designed for listening to music and speech, a more comfortable soft headband with a special cushion, 65mm ear cushions made of soft and durable eco-leather.

The Element-BT500D comes with a hard carrying case that can hold all of the headset accessories and comes with a JPL BT-220 dongle that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and offers 50m wireless communication. Also included is a durable metal cased USB A-01 USB-A to USB-C adapter for charging or connecting a dongle. JPL Element-BT500D users can also select additional accessories and components: charging dock, mono headband, stereo headband, and interchangeable microphone.

“We are pleased to present new models of headsets for Russian customers, which will be able to satisfy various needs of specialists, ranging from high-quality voice and sound transmission to wireless connection and modular design. Our goal is to provide the best possible communication in offices, remote and hybrid workplaces, regardless of the specifics of the activity. JPL Telecom products are ideal for contact centers, online training, lectures, and seminars, and also help colleagues stay connected in a pandemic,

says Dmitry Arkhipov, Director of Business Development at JPL Telecom in Russia and the CIS.

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