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JPL Telecom Introduces the JPL Convey, a Portable USB Speakerphone — a Universal Audio Solution Both for Work and Leisure

The JPL Convey is an ideal audio solution for offices, small conference rooms and the home environment.

April 12, 2022, Dorset, EnglandJPL Telecom, a manufacturer of communication devices for contact centres, offices and remote working, today launches a portable USB speakerphone the JPL Convey. The new audio device is part of JPL Telecom’s “Software Last” policy which means it does not require the installation of additional software. USB-A and USB-C adapters provide instant connection to PCs and laptops, saving you time in business meetings. The device is compatible with all major softphones such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, WhatsApp and many others.

Equipped with a high-quality speaker, the JPL Convey is ideal for briefings in conference rooms for up to four people. But its use is not limited to office space. This USB speakerphone is a great alternative to a portable speaker. The device not only reproduces sound when watching videos on YouTube or listening to music via your PC, it significantly improves its quality.

Separately, it is worth noting the compactness of the JPL Convey — the diameter of the speakerphone is only 80 mm, while 360​​° voice capture is provided within a radius of 3-5 meters. The device is easily controlled with only four touch-sensitive buttons: volume up/down, mic mute and speaker mute. There will be no confusion with the status of the speakerphone: the status of the speaker and microphone is shown by the built-in LED indicators.

The speakerphone comes with a protective case, made in a strict minimalist design. It is convenient to use for both storage and transportation of the device.

“Software last approach helps to improve remote and hybrid workers as this continues to grow in popularity. Allowing them to easily unplug the speakerphone from one device and move to a new location and simply plugin and use without having to reset up the device,” said James Clarke, founder and CEO of JPL Telecom. “JPL Telecom also understand that with the increase of remote and hybrid working that the devices are now being carried around by the user more. Due to this, we have tried to include hard or soft protective carry cases in all major products. Giving a layer of protection to the device whilst it is being transported in its ‘nontraditional environment’ such as a bag with water bottles, books, laptops or other items. Lengthening the life of the device and saving you money in the long run”.

More information about the JPL Convey can be found here.