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JPL Telecom Introduces Webcams With Minimum Settings

Translated from Russian
JPL Telecom, a manufacturer of communication devices for contact centres, offices, and telecommuting, has unveiled two new products: JPL Vision + and JPL Vision Mini webcams.

As noted, JPL Telecom video communication equipment easily connect to any software video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and others, as they do not need software. The new reality of the corporate world has pushed JPL Telecom to develop handheld telecommuting and hybrid work devices.

“Research shows that employees are more likely not to return to offices at all or their work is flexible. Previously, we could not imagine such a thing. While webcams will remain an important piece of communications equipment, eye contact remains an essential necessity, says James Clarke, founder and CEO of JPL Telecom. “When it comes to contact centres with multiple agents working from home, supervisors need to be able to observe the work environment of employees – this is where the swivel mount comes in handy. Thanks to it, the camera can, for example, be lowered down and shown to the desktop. ”

JPL Vision + is a USB-connected webcam with two built-in stereo microphones and a Full HD lens. JPL Vision + is equipped with a swivel arm that can be used in three options: table-top, monitor-mount, or tripod. This is why the camera can be positioned so that it can be viewed from a long distance, for example, in a conference room. No software installation is required during the connection process. An indicator light located near the lens indicates when the camera is on. And a protective lens cap can help ensure your privacy. The 96-degree wide viewing angle, automatic noise and echo cancellation make online meetings even more productive. Chamber dimensions: 127.7 x 55.3 x 50 mm.

The JPL Vision Mini is similar in performance to the JPL Vision + webcam but has a more compact, lightweight design that allows it to be used almost anywhere: at home, in a cafe, or on the road. The camera measures 72 x 33 x 31.7 mm. It is the ideal solution for both private and corporate use. The USB-A connection and Plug & Play connectivity make your workflow as comfortable as possible.

“If a company has hundreds or thousands of employees using video conferencing equipment for communication, then using a website that is outside your control to download software that is also outside your control is extremely intimidating. Often, the processes of installing and configuring software distract employees, make them nervous, cause additional stress, and can contribute to the machinations of cybercriminals. If you multiply this by a large number of people, the downtime, and possible losses for the company, will be significant. It is in such cases that devices with a minimum amount of software will be an excellent solution. And that is precisely why the new JPL Telecom webcams can interest users, ”adds Dmitry Arkhipov, JPL Telecom Sales Director for CIS countries.




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