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JPL Telecom Releases Latest DECT Headset – UC Today

The JPL-Explore features have been confirmed with modularity and security at the forefront.


JPL Telecom has released the DECT wireless headset JPL-Explore. It includes “enhanced” software for better compatibility and sound, a new headband design with a padded headband cushion, larger ear cushions and a swivel speaker housing for all-day wearing comfort.

It also has a longer microphone boom arm to further enhance the company’s Surround Shield noise cancellation. The JPL-Explore is said to work with all known softphones.

The lightweight 80g headset uses a patented modular system, giving the option for multiple combinations. Users can enhance their desk phone by combining a Bluetooth or USB connection and they also have the option to change from a monaural headband to a binaural headband.

James Clarke, Founder and CEO of JPL Telecom, said:

“We see a shortage of DECT devices on the market. DECT technology is a safer alternative to Bluetooth, distinguished by its immunity from interference, safety and range of signal reception”

The JPL-Explore uses DECT standard A, designed to safeguard against the problem of eavesdropping.

“With the modular design, if a part of a headset breaks outside of the two year warranty period, you only need to replace the broken part, not the whole device,” added Clarke. “This approach is a part of our company sustainability policy. It helps to reduce the amount that has to be thrown away and decreases the cost of ownership.”

This September, JPL announced a revamp for its Commander headset range. The upgraded version of the work-from-anywhere headset is now available in both QD and USB variations, boasting the extra features needed to create a smooth user experience.

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