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JPL Telecom’s Element-BT500D Is All the Flexibility You Need – UC Today

A universal Bluetooth 5.0 headset with a special emphasis on sound and various user-friendly features

With the Work from Anywhere trend and the popularity of Video Conferencing rising, we find ourselves spending a good deal of our waking hours with a headset on. This means that it has to be easy to use, provide great sound and have long battery life; as well as have the ability to work with various devices and UC Platforms.  

Enter JPL Telecom’s Element-BT500D. 

JPL’s Bluetooth (5.0), Audio-Telephony headset is both software- and hardware- agnostic and offers a variety of user-friendly features for the post-COVID worker. But no less important, it provides top-notch sound and enables a smooth transition between music and speech, so one no longer has to choose between being a dedicated employee and a devoted music buff. 

Sound Is (Almost) Everything

“The BT500D falls into the Audio-Telephony category. That’s what we see many users looking for right now: a wireless headset that that you can travel and move around with and would allow you to both enjoy quality music and conduct work calls,” shares James Clarke, JPL Telecom CEO. 

“Other than quality sound, what’s special about this headset is the smooth transitions that it enables between music and speech. If I listen to music or watch a YouTube video and then a call comes in, it’ll automatically switch from music to speech and adjust the sound properties accordingly. Then, when the call is over, it will simply switch back.” 

The headset manufacturer has recently revamped the headset with a new chipset, which allows an even better transition between audio and telephony. 

It also doesn’t hurt that the BT500D has an impressive talk/listening time, a quick recharge time and a charge-while-in-use capability. This effectively means that in optimal use, you get zero downtime.  

Universal and Sustainable

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Other than providing a great Audio-Telephony user experience, this headset has a few other valuable features to offer. 

First, JPL has made sure to make it both software and hardware agnostic. 

“The BT500D will connect to up to three devices, and is universal in two ways: 1. It works with any type of softphone. This means that whether you or who you’re talking to is using MS Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or anything else – it will work just as well. 2. It can connect to any device seamlessly – your phone, tablet or computer. We made sure of that by having it come with a designated USB A-USB C adapter.”  

Like all of JPL’s Element headsets of the Element rangethis one, too, is modular and sustainable. 

Its headband is interchangeable, allowing the user a choice between monaural for low-concentration conversations and binaural for high-concentration conversations. This modularity has also proven to be more cost-effective and better suited to COVID. 

“The boom arm doesn’t touch the skin, which means that if you get a new employee, or are sharing for any reason, you simply have to replace the headband to keep safe. And when it comes to repurchasing in 2-5 years’ time, in the majority of cases you’ll only need to replace the headband. This is significantly cheaper than having to get a whole new headset, especially in large rollouts”

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