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JPL Telephone Headset Usage Levels

When working in the office or at home, having the proper equipment can help increase productivity and output and we wrote about this recently. Depending on your role, having a good quality telephone or USB headset can help to improve your overall working day. But how can you tell what level of headset you need?

At JPL we put our wired telephone headsets into 3 levels; Value, Business, and Premium.

Value phone headsets:

In most modern office and home environments, the need for an affordable, lightweight, easy to use headset is a must. Having a headset that has everything you need, without the worry of going over your budget. The value range is JPL’s most affordable range of headsets with an SSP price from £22 to £35. This level has been designed with simplicity in mind, including a strong lightweight headband, JPL’s Surround Shield™ Noise cancellation microphone, clear speakers, and reduced packaging. Currently, in the value range, we offer the JPL-100 series with either USB, QD, or RJ11 connection.

Business headsets:

JPL’s Business headsets are our mid-range and largest selection of headsets. This combines the value for money you get with the value range with added styling and design for users who want a little bit more from their headset. Designed with call quality, comfort, and style in mind, all business headsets include our Surround Shield™ noise cancellation microphone, high-quality speakers, larger ear cushions and on selected models, headband cushioning. Currently, our business range includes the Commander series, 500 series, and 400 series, with QD and USB connection options. The JPL Commander series is also a part of our audio telephony range which uses intelligent software to identify whether you are listening to music or on a call and switches to give you the best listening experience.

Premium headsets:

JPL’s premium headsets are designed with JPL’s best high-quality speakers, microphone noise cancellation and additional features. Currently, our professional range includes the TT3-AVANT, JPL-HAC, JPL-Connect, and JPL-611 series. This level includes our specialised headsets such as our TT3-AVANT series that has our patented Element design with interchangeable headband and boom, giving you the option to switch from a monaural headband to a binaural headband, or vice versa, to suit your wearing style. With this design, if your speaker/microphone or headband breaks out of warranty, you only need to replace half of the headset, this reduces your overall cost of ownership and improves the sustainability of the headset. Our JPL-Hac series is our other specialised headset and is compatible with most hearing aids through its inductive coupler, which provides an improved headset experience for those with hearing difficulties.