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Modular headsets are a trend in the contact center industry. What are the benefits? – Infocity

When we talk about purchasing products for the needs of the company, an acceptable ratio of the starting price and the functionality offered for it is among the main priorities. But not always a product with a low cost and sufficient capabilities turns out to be really profitable for a long-term business.

When purchasing, try to calculate the total cost of ownership: how much to spend at the start, what costs may arise in case of a breakdown, take into account staff turnover and the need to replace equipment for new employees, and also the price of an upgrade in case of any changes in working scenarios.

The answer to such complex questions when choosing equipment for contact centres was the appearance of modular headsets. That is, devices in the “constructor” format, where individual components can be changed or improved without the need for a complete replacement of the device. Initially, the purchase of modular headsets may be more expensive than the purchase of classic headsets, but everything changes over time.


Modularity gives you the ability to customise configurations depending on the tasks, without buying a new device.

One speaker in mono mode or two in stereo? Or maybe more convenient microphones are needed for a business task? With modular headsets, you can change individual components, choosing optimal configurations along with the growth of the company and the emergence of new tasks. In addition, having a large fleet of such accessories on hand, it becomes possible to build components between devices so that each employee can assemble the most effective accessory for themselves — and work with the highest productivity.


High maintainability. Even with significant breakdowns, only one failed part needs to be replaced.

If something is out of order, you no longer need to buy a new device and scrap the old one. Due to its design, modular headsets are easier to repair with minor breakdowns as well as large ones, it is enough to replace only the failed part. Such a form factor of accessories allows you to save on the maintenance of the fleet of equipment and reduces losses even with the carelessness of employees.


Possibility of transfer between employees. No questions about hygiene.

Ideally, if the contact centre employee has quit, and a new person has come in their place, the headset must be replaced or disinfected thoroughly. This is a matter of basic hygiene. In the case of “ordinary” accessories, it may not be easy to bring everything into a comfortable state for a new employee. But modular devices allow you to change only some parts — for example, ear pads. This approach allows you to reduce the cost of purchasing equipment and makes it more comfortable for new employees to go to work.


Environmental friendliness. Used devices have to be disposed of less often — less plastic pollution and carbon footprint during production.

Companies have to adapt to global trends for environmental friendliness, sustainable development, diversity, and inclusiveness. Even if the business is not very large and its presence is not under the public eye, we must not forget that jobs are increasingly occupied by the young responsible generation, and this is especially true of contact centres, which will increasingly require the employer to share their values. And ultimately, this will affect loyalty and employee turnover rates.  Modular devices are an important step in terms of environmental friendliness for contact centres. The less often you have to change broken headsets, completely update devices when new tasks appear or buy new ones when there are staff changes. Ultimately, modularity effectively solves the issue of plastic recycling and reducing the carbon footprint.

Essentially, modular solutions for contact centres become the best choice for companies both in terms of financial efficiency and comfort for employees. It is not surprising that such options are increasingly being chosen by purchasing departments. A higher starting price becomes a small payment for all the advantages of using such accessories in the context of several years.


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