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Overview of the JPL Commander-2 office headset: ease and comfort of use

Commander 2 headset

JPL Commander-2

When it comes to a computer headset, gaming models with a bright design and massive construction immediately come to mind. However, users do not always need such devices and therefore often look for something easier to use for work purposes. A good example of such a technique is the Commander-2 from the British company JPL Telecom.

JPL Commander-2 is an overhead lighter weight type headset. The device was created to work for education, contact centres and offices, but it is also suitable for universal home use. The average cost is about 4,000 rubles, I will tell you more about the model below.




Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Sound pressure: 122 dB

Weight: 82 grams

Connection: USB-A



Frequency range: 100 – 16000 Hz

Impedance: 1 k Ohm

Sensitivity: -49 dB

Directivity: Unidirectional

Noise reduction: yes



The JPL Commander-2 is packed in a small dark blue cardboard box. There is an image of the device on the front side, technical information, description and features are placed on the back. There is also an announcement of the Commander-1 mono headset, i.e. a model with one earphone.

A headset and instructions neatly placed on a cardboard stand are waiting inside. It’s in English, but there’s not much to read in it.

JPL Commander-2 is a very compact overhead headphone. They weigh only 82 grams, so they will not press or interfere in any other way.

The case is made in black with small blue inserts, the surface is plastic with a pleasant Soft-touch coating. Inside the headband, there is a metal insert for structural strength. The device has an adjustable headband size. There are seven positions, the transition to the next one is accompanied by a click.

The speakers here are round. They are made of plastic and are not rigidly fixed. Small mobility allows you to adjust their position.

Ear pads with a size of 60 mm are made of eco-leather. They are soft-filled, if necessary, can be easily removed and put back on.

The headphones are not divided into left and right, and the microphone rotates 270 degrees. This allows the user to independently choose a convenient position for himself. The boom arm  is flexible, which also allows you to adjust the optimal position of the microphone.

The cable comes out from the same side where the microphone is located. It is thin, but very strong, so it probably won’t be damaged by accident. Its length is 2 meters: this is enough to connect the headset to a PC or laptop.

A control panel with three buttons is located on the wire. Two of them are responsible for the volume, the third turns off the microphone, turning red at the same time.

A USB-A plug is used to connect to the computer. Software installation and any additional settings are not required. The device works on the Plug-and-Play principle.



The JPL Commander-2 is a standard overhead headset. Due to its small size, it does not interfere at all, but due to its compactness and modest weight, you will have to adjust to how to put it on correctly.

I’m used to using full-size headphones, so at first the Commander-2 categorically did not want to occupy a secure position and tried to fly off, but still, I managed to find the perfect fit. In general, the model is comfortable. I spent several hours in it and didn’t feel any discomfort from it.

The only drawback is the absence of any clothespins on the cable. The model is very light, so a rather massive remote control with careless movements can “pull” the headphones off your head. At the same time, the dimensions of the remote control are rather a plus, since it is easy to find and use by touch.



JPL Commander-2 is an office headset, so first of all, the emphasis here is on the microphone. It is noise-canceling, it can be used in a noisy environment.

I made several calls to friends, and they noted that I was perfectly audible without echoes and extraneous sounds, only my voice and nothing else. In turn, I also had no complaints about the sound quality on their part.

Earlier I talked about the JPL-502S-USB headset, where I noted an excellent microphone and average sound quality in movies and when listening to music.

I expected a similar picture from Commander-2, but, surprisingly, the sound here is an order of magnitude better, it is more balanced. With this headset, it is quite possible to watch movies or listen to music and have fun at the same time, and not just do it for the background. As a temporary option, the model is also suitable for games.

It should be understood that I would not advise purposefully buying it to solve multimedia tasks, but if you need a working option with periodic use for entertainment, then Commander-2 is quite a good choice.

I also note that the model has a fairly high volume margin, it is not necessary to turn the settings to the maximum.



In my opinion, JPL Commander-2 is a great working tool for those who spend a lot of time negotiating and need something light and compact. The model is easy to connect, has a high-quality assembly and is characterized by convenient operation.

It does not interfere with prolonged use, but you need to work on how to properly position it on your head. It is also worth noting an excellent microphone and a fairly high-quality headphone sound for an office device.

The only negative that I found for myself is a heavy remote control, sometimes outweighing the headphones.


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