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Post-Covid Workers Are in Need of True Stereo Headset – UC Today

JPL Telecom’s Audio Telephony headsets offer rich, immersive sound for music alongside switching to mono stereo sound for clear speech

The post-covid, hybrid, BYOD work environment, is one where our personal and professional lives become an almost-inseparable blend. Among other things, this means that we wear our headsets almost all day long, be it for business communication purposes or for recreational purposes like listening to music. As a result, true stereo is becoming more than just a nice-to-have feature on your office headset; it is now nearly a must for many.  

The thing is, while the average business headset provides the mono stereo sound required to conduct calls, it often lacks the much-needed true stereo capability needed for enjoying Music.  

That’s where JPLs Audio Telephony headsets, the Commander and the BT500D, come in. 

“What these two headsets do is, they give you a mono stereo sound for speech; but recognize when there’s music playing,” shares Jonathan Nuttall, UK Sales Manager at JPL Telecom. ”Once this happens, intelligent software makes the sound change to true stereo, which gives you that immersive, clean, 3D music.” 

Immersive Sound, Improved Efficiency, Fair Pricing

Both the Commander and the BT500D use a brand new chipset designed specifically for Audio Telephony, utilizing a new immersion technology. 

“It’s all been designed to have more of a reach into the music space,” Nuttall shares. “Almost everything that we’ve done in the past has been done solely for speech, so we’ve put in quite a lot of work to get that perfect balance for both.” 

Other than providing top-notch sound for music, one of the main benefits of these two models is increasing workers’ flexibility and increasing efficiency and productivity as a result. 

“Instead of having your AirPods in, then take a call, take them out, put your headset on – it’s an all-in-one product, which makes everything so much smoother.” 

Not to mention the attractive price point of the Commander, giving a fair fight to competing headsets of the same category

In the Office, at Home and on the Go

JPL offer two different headsets under their Audio Telephony umbrella, each one meant for a slightly different type of use case. 

The Commander is a classic office headset, available in both USB and Quick Disconnect (QD) models. Purchasing the QD model effectively allows the user to have it fit into any phone or PC using JPL’s range of bottom cords.  

“Normally, the audience for this type of cabled headsets tends to be companies buying it for their office workers, since it provides a certain amount of control,” Nuttall shares. 

Nuttall makes sure to note that the Commander falls into JPL’s “Software Last” product category. This means it’s both Plug and Play and works on every softphone straight out of the box, eliminating the need for regular download of updates and reducing the risk for any software-related issues. 

“It’s also the more affordable one of the two, so for enterprises purchasing in large quantities, it might be the more natural choice.” 

The BT500D is pure Bluetooth, coming with a dongle, USB-A to USB-C adapter and a protective carry case. 

“The BT500D’s main buyers right now are workers who are either often on the go or want the freedom to move around while they talk and answer the phone remotely. Sales reps, for example,” says Nuttall. 

“It’s a really flexible headset, which makes it perfect for that end. And when they get to the office, they can just plug the dongle into their PC and start working” 

Other than being great for office use and listening to music, Nuttall notes that both headsets can also be used as Gaming headsets.

“The 3D sound makes it quite a good fit for that market, too.”

Looking Ahead

One thing’s for sure about JPL’s Audio Telephony headset: users love them. 

“We recently took part in the Call and Contact Centre 21 Expo in London, and people were amazed by what the Commander is able to do. And feedback from clients has been nothing but positive so far,” Nuttall shares. 

And what about some future plans? 

“We’re planning on continuing to develop all of our Audio Telephony products as part of our 2022-2023 roadmap since we see that it’s a continually expanding market,” he concludes. 

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