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Professional wireless headsets vs cheaper alternatives

With so many wireless headset options on the market, it can often be a temptation to choose the cheapest option when buying for a whole business or department to save some of the technology budget for the year ahead, but are the cheaper wireless headset options always the better choice?

Cheap Wireless Headsets

When you’re looking to procure large quantities of wireless headsets for use in an office, call center or other call handling environment, opting for a cheaper wireless headset might seem like a great option at the time.

It’s important to remember that there are a number of factors worth considering before choosing to buy a cheap wireless headset. While cheaper wireless office headsets might be a benefit in the short term, replacing them later if they don’t do what you hoped they would will be an extra cost.


It’s always important to read the small print when buying anything, but even more so when you’re potentially investing thousands of pounds in order to buy a communications product, with the aim of making things easier for your employees in order to drive increased revenue through sales.

Many of the cheapest wireless headsets ship with incredibly short warranty periods, some less than a month. While this might not seem like an issue for you, consider that many cheap technology products are also manufactured with cheaper parts to reduce cost. Cheaper parts are more likely to break, potentially leaving you with broken headsets outside of their warranty period.

Headset Build Quality

As previously mentioned, the build quality on cheaper headsets may also be less refined. This can mean cheaper components going into the cheap wireless headset, increasing the chances of a failure, but it can also mean a less refined finish to the product and less comfort for the user as finishing touches like cushioned headbands are left out.

These may not seem like big disadvantages, however a headset user with an ill fitting or uncomfortable headset is less likely to perform at their best, resulting in lower productivity in the same way that a cheaper office chair won’t provide the same levels of comfort as a more expensive option.

After Sales Support

Buying wireless office or call center headsets from a reputable headset supplier such as JPL Telecom also provides advantages beyond the physical product.

After sales support is a really valuable asset in the event that there are any concerns, problems or anything else which needs an element of technical support. You’re unlikely to receive any significant support from cheaper headset suppliers, however suppliers such as JPL offer that additional layer of after sales support which can bring piece of mind

Audio Quality

We’ve talked before about the improved audio quality that comes as a result of using a professional wireless headset and this should also be a consideration when it comes to cheaper wireless headsets.

To help reduce the cost of the headset, features such as noise cancellation are likely to be less effective when compared to products which cost slightly more. This can have a big impact on the recipient of the call, with good noise cancellation making it easier for the caller to be heard and understood.

Likewise the caller will also find it easier to hear the recipient, making the flow of the conversation easier, allowing the caller to communicate key information more quickly.

Why Professional Wireless Headset

As we’ve already covered there are a wealth of reasons why it’s worth paying that little bit more to get a great quality, professional headset for your teams whether they’re working in call centers, offices or from home.

Yes, the modest increase in cost won’t please the financial director in the first instance, but the resulting increase in performance of call handlers will more than make up for that in the sales figures.

Ultimately the headset technology you choose is an investment and getting that choice right now, will help prevent further setbacks in the future, and while the cheapest headsets always come with things to be careful of, you don’t have to break the bank to get a high quality headset which will last for years.

Professional Wireless Headsets From JPL

JPL’s range of professional, affordable wireless headsets compete with the best in the market from a technology and support standpoint, but are set apart by a great price point, making them an affordable option for any business.

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