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Review of JPL Vision Mini. Remote webcam

Overview of the JPL Vision Mini. Webcam for remote work.

The JPL Vision Mini webcam being tested today was created with the expectation of equipping a home laptop or computer used for remote work with a mini webcam. With it, you can participate in video calls, conferences and communicate in video messengers. Supports Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second and is equipped with two full-duplex microphones.

It’s one of a range of USB webcams and video conferencing cameras from JPL.


Packaged in a box with a minimalistic design. The kit includes the webcam itself and a shutter for the lens.

JPL Vision Mini review


The device is made in a compact black plastic case. External surfaces are not subject to dust and fingerprints.

A neutral appearance does not attract attention when fixed to a monitor or laptop lid. The fastening element itself is a common part of the body.


This is a fold-out leg with additional clamps. Inside there are rubberized pads to prevent damage to the surface of the monitor case. The installed webcam does not move.

The body can be rotated 360 degrees, and the angle of inclination can also be changed. Also on the inside is a screw mount for a tripod or bracket.


On the front side, in the center of the JPL Vision Mini, there is a lens with a diameter of 2.7 inches with a viewing angle of 67 degrees.


The owner of the camera will be able to install a unit with a mechanical shutter. In the closed position, it provides complete privacy.


There are two full-duplex microphones. Both are on the front side.


No driver installation is required. We tested with a Mac M1 and a Windows desktop PC. It was determined automatically, no separate software is offered for making settings for it.

JPL Vision Mini Camera Test

All software used for remote work and training is supported. Checked work in ZOOM, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and OBS. The example posted above was recorded with automatic settings. This camera writes in Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second.


JPL Vision Mini is a webcam for remote work or training. The picture and sound quality are better than the built-in cameras on the laptops. Integrated foot and screw connector, Plug & Play USB cable, and 67-degree viewing angle.