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Review of the Full HD webcam JPL Vision Mini


Despite the fact that video communication on a smartphone has long become commonplace, video conference calls with the best equipment on a computer today does not lose relevance, especially when it comes to work. Office or remote, does not matter. And if there is a built-in webcam on laptops, then you have to buy it for a stationary PC. Today we will consider an inexpensive option from the JPL Telecom brand with Full HD resolution support. The model is called JPL Vision Mini and costs about 4 thousand rubles.

JPL Vision Mini

This model comes in a compact cardboard package, and the package includes a removable lens cap.

The camera itself is made in a classic style – an oval body (size 72x33x32 mm) is connected by a hinge with a stand leg. It is curious that a non-removable blue USB cable is at least some variety for the peripherals.

The leg is sliding, with rubber inserts, so that the camera can be securely fixed on a monitor of any thickness. In addition, there is a regular tripod thread on the bottom of the leg so that the camera can be mounted on a tripod. The camera itself rotates horizontally 360 degrees relative to the leg, in addition, it can be tilted down so that the monitor on which the camera or table is installed is visible. This is convenient if, for example, you need to show your hands or documents.

Now a couple of words about the complete cover – it allows you to close the camera lens so that the camera does not broadcast the picture when it is not necessary. It is a little strange that the cover is installed through a gasket (thick foamed double-sided adhesive tape), apparently this cover is just universal and is used for different models. Also of interest on the front panel are a fixed-focus lens and stereo microphones.

As for the image quality, it is quite expected for a budget device. In the settings, you can choose a resolution up to 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD), a decent frame rate (stated – 30 fps), but the dynamic range is traditionally not enough for a room with uneven lighting. In an office with mostly artificial lighting, the picture will look more balanced, but, of course, you should not count on the quality of the front cameras of modern smartphones. The viewing angle is optimal for personal video conferences, which is especially important in the office (a wide-angle in large rooms will not be appropriate).

Issue price

At the time of writing the review, the cost of the JPL Vision Mini was about 4,300 rubles.


JPL Vision Mini is an affordable webcam with FullHD image support, which is distinguished by a convenient complete lens cover and a convenient mount on a monitor and tripod.

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