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Selecting The Right Video Conferencing Camera For Your Offices

We’ve spoken a lot recently about what you might want to look for in a video conferencing camera and what the benefits of video conferencing are too. There are real economic advantages in enabling teams to maximise these benefits and key to this is getting the right USB video conference camera for the right scenario.

It’s easy to think that every scenario commands the biggest, most expensive USB webcam, but the reality is that this doesn’t make financial sense for any business. So we’re going to break down the various situations where you might want to use a USB camera and suggest the best camera type for that situation, from mini cameras, to portable USB cameras and 4K USB cameras.

USB Cameras For The Desk

Perhaps the most frequent use of USB webcams and cameras in the workplace is at the office desk. Whether you’re looking for a web camera to use with a PC or with a laptop, the right product will make a huge difference to usability and therefore the likelihood that the end user will actually make use of their new equipment.

The need for a PC webcam or video conferencing camera is fairly obvious as desktop computers don’t feature integrated cameras. Businesses with laptop users may question the need for an external USB conferencing camera however, though consideration should be given to the fact that laptop web cameras feature little adjustment apart from moving the laptop screen, which can make it difficult to see.

The same also applies to video conference cameras which can be found integrated into external monitors, with many users preferring a high monitor, webcams are left pointing at the top of a user’s head, not a great experience.

The ideal solution for the office desk is a smaller, full HD USB webcam such as the JPL Vision+ or the JPL Vision Mini+, both of which feature a high quality CMOS sensor to ensure great picture quality. These cameras also feature an adaptable foot for mounting the camera to the top of a monitor, while the Vision Mini+ also has the option to be mounted to a tripod for extra adaptability.

Small Meeting Rooms

Small meeting rooms for 2 to 6 people can present a bit of a dilemma when it comes to knowing which type of video conferencing camera to use. We recently looked at the considerations when creating a small meeting space from scratch and the best USB video conference camera can be key to making this space truly useful.

Does such a small room warrant the highest quality 4K USB camera, or do you leave it without a camera at all and rely on users having their laptop camera on? The latter will ultimately mean that the space is not used as frequently as it otherwise could be with integrated webcams not being designed for meeting room use.

You need a solution which has the features of a large meeting room video conference camera, without the cost or the size, the best video conference cameras are proportional to the size of room they’re in while being affordable for business.

The JPL Spitfire is the perfect solution here, not only does it provide a full 4K output for ultimate clarity, but it also features a dual duplex mic with a range of 5m, perfect for those smaller meeting spaces. Add to that the integrated AI powered intelligent zoom and you’re looking at the best video conference webcam for any small meeting space.

Larger Meeting Rooms

Web camera solutions for meeting rooms with a larger capacity can mean procurement teams opting for either the most expensive or biggest solution with an unfounded belief that this will be the best solution. This could mean that businesses are actually wasting money on meeting room cameras by not considering their room requirements.

For meeting spaces and rooms with a capacity of up to 16, a professional solution will most likely be one which is permanently installed and mounted on a wall with a video screen so that participants can see everyone and everything clearly.

Features and specifications are arguably also even more important for these larger meeting rooms as participants will be further away from microphones, the camera and any speakers. While some systems rely on external accessories to deliver the best performance, all in one solutions can often provide everything you need in a single, neat package.

A video conferencing sound bar is a USB video conference camera and in the case of the JPL Agora, perfectly suited to these larger meeting rooms. With full duplex microphones, powerful speakers and a high quality, 4K camera and CMOS sensor it represents a single package with everything needed for quick, easy and high quality online meetings whichever digital meeting platform that you use.

Portable USB Cameras

While many meetings have been held purely online in the last few years, in person meetings are finally back on the cards but of course where the whole team might have once gone on the road, it’s now more acceptable (and affordable) for just one or two people to travel to a client with the rest of the team on a video call.

But what if your client doesn’t have a video conferencing facility? Then you’ll need a portable USB camera so you can take the conference room to the client. Of course, being on the road means that you need something small, light and easy to set up so that your meeting is spent talking business, not the frustrations of your tech.

While nearly all of the JPL video conferencing camera range would be a perfect solution here, the JPL Spitfire is a great portable solution. Shipped with a tripod and carry case it’s ready for the road from day one and means that you can not only give a great meeting, but also a great video experience.

Secure USB Web Cameras

In a world of ransomware and cyber attacks targeting businesses of all sizes on a daily basis, security is an ever bigger concern for companies of all sizes.

One of the main risks to business cyber security is users using weak passwords and with an average of 19% of business users doing so according to TechRepublic, any steps you can take to reduce risk is a worthwhile investment.

It becomes even more of a logical choice when you consider that a password reset can cost as much as $70, when you consider any input required from IT or other support teams.

If security is a concern for your business, the JPL Vision Access is a great solution. Fully compatible with Windows Hello facial recognition, it allows your staff to log in to their Windows machine with just their face. Improving security of your computer systems.

Where Ever You Need Video Conferencing, JPL Are Here to Help

It can be difficult to know which camera to use in which space, especially in multipurpose rooms, speaking to the team at JPL will help. Knowledgeable about our range of video conferencing products there’s no pressure, no hard sell, just good honest advice to help you make an informed choice.

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