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Supporting Your Staff With the Equipment They Need to Succeed

It should go without saying that if you want the teams in your business to perform at their best, you need to give them the best equipment to do their job and this includes communication equipment such as USB headsets and webcams for video conferencing.

Everyone Benefits

You may see the investment in communications technology as yet another cost which you have to stand and while it’s true that investing in telephone or Unified Communications headsets will come with a cost attached, it should be seen as a benefit. This is because providing the right equipment to your teams can actually boost productivity by up to 25% (source) for users who use headsets for more than 10% of their working day. If your teams are in sales, that could be a significant impact on your sales figure.

But what about if you’re not in sales? For those in other roles such as service, this could mean improvements in other measures such as call wait times, customer satisfaction or just getting more work done.

Think Video Conferencing Too

It’s important to think beyond headsets alone when considering how to support people in doing their jobs well. Video has become such an important part of modern working practices, being able to see people is one thing, being able to see them clearly is another.

Over recent years, many office devices have increased the integration of webcams into products such as laptops but just because something is there, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution to a problem. Nothing is worse than joining a video conference to see fuzzy video and it can be really distracting for everyone on the call.

This can magnify something called the Ringelmann Effect (source), a phenomenon where individuals put less effort into a group situation by feeling distracted or not part of a team. As you might imagine, when your team are putting less effort in, productivity and output will be reduced.

While a good, stand-alone video conferencing webcam might not completely solve this issue (it’s reduced most in a physical meeting) it will go a long way to helping teams feel more connected to each other in meetings, helping to reduce the impact of the Ringelmann Effect.

Try it For Yourself

It’s easy to be sceptical of improved productivity as it can be difficult to measure. Fortunately here at JPL we can offer free trials of our products for teams looking for 120 or more units. Why not get in touch to find out more about how our headsets and video conferencing products can help your teams.

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