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The Benefits of Modularity

What is modularity

Modularity is designing headsets and cables in their individual components which can be changed or upgraded without the need for buying a new headset. Having unique features and accessories to help customise, upgrade, repair, or replace individual parts rather than buying a completely new headset.

The overall cost of ownership

When purchasing any product calculating the overall cost of ownership can be forgotten. It is not always the first outright cost that should be considered, but the overall cost of owning that product throughout its useable life. Including buying the item, cost of any breakages, staff turnover, new employees, upgrading the item, and other scenarios. Modularity reduces the cost of ownership because if a speaker, microphone, or headband breaks (out of warranty) or any of the other scenarios mentioned above, you only need to replace half of the headset (one part) not the whole headset. Increasing the life of the headset, decreasing the cost of ownership.

Customisation of the headset

Each individual user has their own preferences on how they like to use their headsets. Whether that is one or two speakers or even wired or wireless. With modular headsets, swapping between high concentration calls where dual speakers are needed to casual low conversation calls where only one speaker is used is quick and easy to do. Being able to choose the optimal configurations for each company and user to help each employee work at their highest productivity. Transferring between employees Ideally, with every new employee, they are given their own individual headset. In the unfortunate event, they leave and a new member of staff takes their place, for hygiene and the safety of each user you would need to replace or thoroughly disinfect the whole headset before use. With modular devices, you only need to replace the parts of the headset that touch the skin. Parts such as ear cushions and headbands can easily be replaced without the cost of a whole new headset.


All companies are now looking to adapt to the current need for environmental friendliness and reduce the overall amount of waste created. Helping to aim for a better future and environment for the younger generations to come. Modular headsets are an important step in terms of environmental friendliness for offices, contact centres, and overall businesses. Reducing the amount of plastic waste accumulated from broken headsets, non-updateable devices, or staff changes can be a big step to reducing our carbon footprint.
Here at JPL, we have used the modular design for over 5 years with our patented Element range of headsets such as the JPL-Explore, BT500D, and TT3-AVANT, and now with the introduction of the new BL-055 bottom cable. We have found an increase in enquiries over the last year for accessories and headbands from customers wanting to upgrade or renew worn-out parts of their headsets without the need to purchase the whole headset. Modular solutions have become the ideal choice for financial efficiency, comfort, hygiene, and sustainability of any office, contact centre, or home worker.

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