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The Role of Headsets in Building Hybrid Workspaces

Whether you’re in favour of hybrid working, against the idea or indifferent to it, the best headsets for working from home will play an integral role in ensuring that those working remotely can collaborate effectively with colleagues in the office or elsewhere.

Thinking Headset First

When it comes to preparing our teams and staff for remote working, businesses tend to focus on the obvious needs. From mobile phones, laptops and bags to essential software, new starters and remote workers are given what are deemed to be the essentials for conducting their role, but a headset never seems to be on this list.

Instead, companies rely on workers using their own headphones, earphones or other devices (with or without a microphone) to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues. This headset last mindset could be harming your bottom line, however, with users left to use their own communications solutions such as earphones with an inline microphone.

The issue this creates is around audio quality, not just for the users using the headset, but also for the recipients of the call. If users are trusting their communication to cheap earphone-based headset, the quality will never be as good as a purpose built office headset.

Flip this on its head and the situation can be very different, by thinking headset first, businesses can ensure their teams have the right equipment to do their job effectively.

How Does The Right Headset Impact Hybrid Working

The right headset can bring value in a number of areas and the right headset will balance the needs of the user and their working environment, providing:

  • Improved concentration
  • Clarity of voice pick up
  • Professional appearance
  • Better hearing experience

For example, when working in busy environments where maximum concentration is required a binaural office headset is perfect, as the presence of two earpieces provides additional noise cancellation compared to a monaural headset.

The location of your hybrid workforce will also have an impact on the right type of headset, teams who are often moving between sites but primarily using a softphone may benefit from a headset with a quick disconnect connection, where as those moving around with a laptop would undoubtedly see an advantage in a USB headset.

Whatever the needs of your teams, the right headset will ultimately provide improved communication through the higher quality audio that a purpose built, high quality communications headset will provide. The impact on hybrid working is positive with the right headset providing improved experiences for everyone, leading to better outcomes for the business.

Headsets vs Built In Mic & Speakers

You might be thinking that you can save a little on the budget by not providing a headset and relying on the in built microphone and speakers which are a feature of so many laptops. While these features do enable people to work in a hybrid manner, they are far from perfect and prone to feedback, in addition to preventing confidential conversations from taking place due to the risk of being overheard.

Protecting Employees and Yourself

While there’s no law around the provision of headsets in the workplace, there are health and safety regulations relating to protecting the hearing of your employees, such as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) and this still matters when employees are working in a hybrid model.

Allowing workers to use their own headphones, earphones or other devices potentially leaves them vulnerable to hearing damage as a result of uncontrolled noise exposure, whereas a purpose made headset is designed to be used for prolonged periods of time and provide better protection for the end user.

Want to know more about Hybrid Working Headsets?

If you want to find out more about how JPL’s range of headsets for hybrid working, and how they can benefit your business, get in touch with our knowledgable team.

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