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Unlock Potential With Plug & Play Communications Technology

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering the latest, greatest piece of communications equipment, receiving the delivery and then discovering that you need to install drivers or download software in order to actually use it.

This can be even more frustrating if you’re investing in technology for a whole team, because you’re then losing time and money while the IT team gets round to everyone’s laptops or PCs to install the software. It’s a hidden cost that can soon add up.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to prevent this issue all together and it’s called ‘Plug & Play’. You’ve probably heard of it before and as a feature it can be found across a range of tech products, and it can also be found across the JPL range. So when your teams get a USB Plug & Play headset from us, they can use it straight away, no excuses and no costly waits while IT sorts everything out.

What is Plug & Play and What Does it do?

Plug & Play (or PnP for short) is a term which describes any accessory or device which can be detected by a computer system without the user having to do anything to set up or configure the device. This makes it much, much easier for the end user to begin using their device, as the computer system automatically recognises the type of device and configures it for use.

We’ll not get into the technical detail here, but suffice to say that Plug & Play devices such as headset with microphones can be used out of the box.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Plug & Play doesn’t mean that a product ships completely without software, some devices may still come with software options which when installed allow you to take advantage of a products full feature set.

Plug & Play Headsets & Video Conferencing

With more people than ever working from home, the demand for communications equipment such as video conferencing cameras and headsets remains high. The remote nature of many people’s working environment means that equipment which is quick and easy to set up is essential as IT support might not be so easy to arrange.

USB headsets and video conferencing with Plug & Play capability fits this requirement perfectly, providing the end user with the ease of use they need to keep working effectively.

From users at their desks with headsets making sales calls to contract negotiations across a meeting room with video conferencing, Plug & Play communications equipment streamlines installation process and makes the period from purchase to first use as short as it can be in a range of workplace environments.

Ultimately this means that your investment can start paying you back in the shortest time possible.

How is it relevant to JPL products

With a vast range of USB driven products across the JPL range, Plug & Play technology enables our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and environment.

Our USB Plug & Play headset range offers choice across budgets and features, but are all ready to help your teams deliver on their targets. Equally our range of Plug & Play video conferencing devices features user level webcams, great for the desk or on the road, right through to our newest range of Propeller video bars (the JPL Agora and JPL Spitfire) for meeting rooms.

Want to know more about Plug & Play

If you want to find out more about how JPL’s range of Plug & Play communications devices can help you boost productivity and increase sales, get in touch today to find out how JPL Telecom can work with your business.

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