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Video Conferencing Soundbars, Keeping Meeting Rooms Clutter Free

“Tidy desk, tidy mind” is a phrase which is often used when you’re being encouraged to keep in line with your company’s clean desk policy. It might feel frustrating at the time, but have you ever walked into a meeting room and been confused by the number of cables, devices or other bits of tech that you need just to have a video conference?

The Challenge of Clutter-Free Video Conferences

The challenges are twofold, you need the technology to be able to hold a meeting, but at the same time, many devices in a business environment are still connected to each other with a physical wire.

If you’re retrofitting a meeting room with video conferencing cameras, speakerphones and more, hiding cables is going to be a challenge and this is half of the challenge, how do you keep the aesthetic of the room with all those cables?

Video Conferences Are Complex, Aren’t They?

The phrases “video conference” or “video call” strike fear into many colleagues, the idea of connecting to a camera, a speaker for better sound, sitting in the right place and the fear of trying to share a screen and no one being able to see it.

It feels like we all need to be an IT expert to communicate using video conferencing tech and this is only made worse if we walk into a meeting room with lots of cables or other equipment cluttering the meeting room table.

But do meeting rooms and video conferencing spaces really need all these separate pieces of technology to enable effective communication?

Solutions Need to be Cost Effective and Work

As we spoke about recently, the costs associated with travel to meetings seem to be ever-increasing, making an investment in virtual meetings even more worthwhile. But even when it comes to the solutions for virtual gatherings, it’s still possible to spend over the odds on complex systems that people just don’t know how to use.

Ultimately, businesses need communications equipment which is affordable and just works, especially if considering investing in multiple meeting spaces. Without these essential elements, more so the latter, users will quickly stop using equipment, rendering the investment a waste of money.

Can a Video Conference Camera do it All?

So what is the answer to the questions raised here? Does an affordable, easy-to-use video conferencing solution which just works and helps to keep meeting rooms cable and clutter-free actually exist?

Of course, the answer is yes, and it comes in the form of a video conferencing camera with integrated speakers and microphones (or webcam speakerphone if you prefer) to provide an all-in-one solution for meeting spaces. Using a single cable, users can plug their laptop into a single piece of technology to hold an effective virtual meeting with colleagues, prospects or anyone else through the platform of choice.

In the JPL world, this solution comes in the form of the JPL Spitfire and its big sister, the JPL Agora, both of which feature integrated duplexed microphones and speakers. On top of this, the Plug and Play feature of both of these video sound bars allows you and your teams to simply plug in and start using them immediately without having to be an IT whiz.

Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions, Sorted.

No matter the size of your business, speak to one of the JPL team about how our range of high-end video conferencing products can help you maximise the value of your time in the office without breaking the budget. From one camera to one hundred, our team of experts will help you find the right solution.

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