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What are the Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a staple for many businesses across the globe, but you might still be asking what the benefits of video conferencing actually are. Read on to discover the key benefits of video conferencing in business.

Benefits of Video Conferencing in the Workplace

Throughout the covid pandemic, many of us were left with little choice but to use video conferencing to continue working. With many workplaces now asking staff to be back in the office full time you might be right to question the benefits of video conferencing in a workplace where everyone is present.

We must of course remember though that not every business is going back to the office full time, choosing to support hybrid and remote positions. This means that video conferencing remains an important part of those businesses.

But what are the other advantages of video conferencing, even if your teams are in the office full time?

Reduces Time Out of the Office

Meeting clients, suppliers, partners or other business contacts is essential for businesses who rely on those relationships. While meeting in person is great for firming up business partnerships, travelling to and from meetings can mean large amounts of time away from the office.

Video conferencing allows you to move some, if not all of these meetings online saving on travel time. Of course this isn’t a replacement for face to face meetings, but even moving some meetings online can still mean more working time is spent in the office.

If you’re worried about not being able to share a working breakfast, why not have something delivered to both ends of the call to maintain an element of hospitality.

Reduced Expenses/Travel Costs

With a reduced need to be out of the office and travelling to and from other places, the cost savings could soon add up.

Assuming any trips are taken by road, if you have 5 employees driving 10,000 miles per year each, that adds up to £22,500 in reimbursements over the year. With our range of video conferencing cameras starting at just £22.95, the cost savings of video conferencing really stack up.

Improves Efficiency

Even if your teams are in the office full time, business video conferencing still provides benefits. Holding meetings virtually means that participants can share examples, notes and other assets while in a virtual meeting.

This instant sharing can help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings as colleagues are able to discuss examples in real time. The alternative of course is assets and examples being shared after a meeting has ended, often resulting in follow up meetings.

Cutting down on the number of meetings and follow up sessions inevitably save time and allow your team to get on with doing their jobs.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another prime advantage of video conferencing in the workplace. By meeting virtually, training, interactive examples and other content can be shared with those in a virtual meeting easily.

More Effective Than Voice Only

Of course conference calls have been around for years with speaker phones allowing multiple people to be on the same call.

Video conferencing is an evolution of this and with the ability to see others on a business video call, gauge reactions, facial expressions and attentiveness. These extra visual elements allow meetings to be more engaging than voice only calls.

Additional Benefits of Video Conferencing in Business

A video conferencing camera on its own will only provide some benefit, pairing your camera with one of the many business video conferencing platforms available brings additional benefits.

Depending on the software that you choose for your business, wider benefits might also include:

  • Meeting attendance record
  • Easily schedule meetings
  • Record meetings
  • Centralised meeting notes

Is Your Business Reaping the Benefits of Video Conferencing

It’s all well and good having the best software for your virtual meetings and video conferences, but without high quality video conferencing cameras, making the most of that software will be difficult.

The JPL range of USB video conference cameras and USB webcams offer up to 4K video and high quality finish at a great price point. Individual units can be bought online, alternatively get in touch to discuss larger orders.

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