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Check out the BL-055 bottom leads and their Features!

The BL-055+P and BL-055-DT pack in all the features you need for your QD headset. Giving you a universal USB-A bottom lead that converts your QD headset into a softphone headset with the BL-055-DT desk dock. If you have any questions or want to know more about the BL-055s contact our sales team today.

21 March 2023 Social Media posts
Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we recognize the incredible contributions that women have made to society and continue to make every day. At JPL, we’re proud to support and empower the women who work with us and their achievements both at work and in their personal lives.

8 March 2023 Social Media posts
World Hearing Day 2023

Protect your hearing World Hearing Day 2023 is a global initiative that seeks to promote awareness about hearing loss and the importance of protecting our hearing. As our world becomes increasingly noisy, it’s crucial that we take steps to safeguard our hearing to prevent permanent damage. At JPL, we prioritise our users’ hearing health when…

3 March 2023 Social Media posts
Celebrating Success: A Fun Night Out at Plumber Manor

Last night, we had a lovely evening at Plumber Manor celebrating our success and hard work throughout 2022. From new product releases to receiving the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2022, we had a lot to celebrate. We also had the pleasure of being joined this week by our overseas sales managers from the USA…

13 January 2023 Social Media posts
? Happy New Year ?

Wishing all our customers, suppliers, partners and friends a happy new year! We have a very exciting year planned with new releases and updates. Keep an eye on this space ? 2023 is gonna be a big one! ?

1 January 2023 Social Media posts
Merry Christmas from JPL ??

We would like to thank all of our connections, customers, partners, and suppliers for their support throughout 2022. We wish everyone a very happy, festive break. ❄️

25 December 2022 Social Media posts