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Joining the KODAK Family at the KODAK 2023 Summit

Having joined the Eastman Kodak Company family as a licensee this year, meeting all the other licensees during the KODAK 2023 Summit and learning more about the products and plans for the next 12 months was fantastic! The KODAK Access Webcam is now on sale – take a look at why we are partners with a global brand of…

9 November 2023 Social Media posts
What makes the KODAK Access Webcam such a worthwhile investment?

What makes the KODAK Access Windows-Hello Compatible Webcam such a worthwhile investment? Let’s drill down to the key features: Find out more at KODAK Access Webcam

8 November 2023 Social Media posts
Are You Suffering From Tech Neck? 

Are you suffering from tech neck? Do you spend hours with a handset cradled against your shoulder while you type and talk? With an estimated 1 in 10 suffering from poor posture and a stiff neck due to the workplace environment, we all must consider change. Whether you are a small business with just a handful…

26 October 2023 Social Media posts
Facial Recognition with Windows Hello

Gone are the days of compromised security and multi-platform passwords as Microsoft rolls out Windows Hello for Business. Windows Hello provides reliable, fully integrated biometric authentication based on facial recognition or fingerprint matching. To facilitate Windows Hello, you will need a compatible device… Say Hello to JPL’s Vision Access webcam – a compact 1080p USB Webcam featuring Windows Hello-compatible…

4 October 2023 Social Media posts
Sustainability Is Key

Sustainability is a key decision-making marker for most businesses, and here at JPL, we aim to continuously reduce the amount of waste and pollution produced by manufacturing our products. We have considered materials, packaging, usage, longevity and disposal. Our core business is headsets and webcams – and across the world, the UC industry has positively affected carbon emissions with every online conference, meeting…

Social Media posts
BIG News This October! – Stay Tuned

When working with one of the most recognisable brands in the world, the pressure is on. But in October, we will reveal the perfect solution for ensuring online office security and unveil our global branding and licensing partnership news. Facial recognition technology is going mainstream as banks and insurance companies add extra security levels. Travelled…

27 September 2023 Social Media posts