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Are 4K webcams work-from-home Friendly? – UC Today

Great article on UC Today by Rob Scott, sharing some insight from our CEO James Clarke on whether we need 4K Webcams or not. “The video-first collaboration landscape is finally here. The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and a growing need for immersive interactions between team members mean more employees are switching their cameras on for meetings….

20 November 2020 Article
Privacy Covers

Getting hacked is not new, protecting yourself can be simple and extremely important. To add more comfort to the user JPL has always had a privacy cover as standard and out of the box and we have now upgraded to a new Slide Privacy Cover to our range of Vision+ Web Cameras. JPL will be…

28 October 2020 Social Media posts
Nuvola testimonial

“As a distributor of JPL Telecoms’ products, our reseller partners have been delighted with the technology behind the various headsets JPL has provided over the last four years. At Nuvola, we favor a partner that delivers advanced technology products that offer value for money to our partners. In this competitive market, often, big brands would…

Improve your posture with JPL

Headsets can help improve your posture and sitting position. With no need to hold a phone to your ear or cradle the handset between your shoulder and your ear, both hands are free for typing or writing during the call.Headsets allow you to sit at your desk with improved posture for longer which reduces pain…

22 October 2020 Social Media posts
Nimans Testimonial

Continuing to look back at our testimonials, thank you again to the Nimans team for this one.Our distributor and reseller network has been instrumental in keeping customers connected.

11 March 2020 Testimonials