SKU: 575-222-027


  1. Electronically connects your DECT headset base to your telephone
  2. Enables remote operation, answer/end calls, for wireless headset use with various phones, thus eliminating the need for a mechanical handset lifter
  3. RJ-45 (8P8C) to double row socket (2×5)
  4. For use with NEC:
    DT330 Series: DTL-12D-1, DTL-24D-1, DTL-8LD-1
    DT430 Series: DTZ-12D-1, DTZ-24D-1, DTZ-8LD-1
    DT730 Series: ITL-12D-1, ITL-12DG-1, ITL-12CG-1, ITL-24D-1
    DT830 Series: ITZ-12D-1, ITZ-24D-1, ITZ-8LD-1
    DT830G Series: ITZ-12DG-1, ITZ-24DG-1, ITZ-8LDG-1