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Meeting video conferencing has become part of the status quo for most businesses as the benefits of video conferencing are realised. Getting the right video conferencing equipment remains crucial to delivering a great online video conferencing experience however. Our range of video conferencing equipment will help you get more from your meetings, high-quality hardware at an exceptional price point, incorporating both video and audio.

Compatible with a range of video conferencing platforms and perfect in almost any environment, our video conferencing hardware will fit seamlessly into your business.

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Video Conferencing Cameras For All Situations

Video conferencing is used in a range of situations, from employees at their desks to connecting meeting rooms and those working from home. Wherever your business needs to deploy a video conferencing solution, choosing the right video conferencing equipment is the first step in creating a solution which works for everyone.

What is Video Conferencing

Put simply, video conferencing is the connection of two or more users through a computer or communications device, allowing them to communicate with video and audio.

While most people naturally associate video conferencing with large businesses in grand boardrooms, in reality, there are various applications of video conferencing:

  • Individuals working remotely
  • Sales calls and product demonstrations
  • Education and remote learning
    Retail and customer service

You can find out more about the various applications of video conferencing solutions in our sectors and platforms area.

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Video Conferencing Equipment for all Environments

If you’re looking to invest in new or improved video conferencing equipment, it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every meeting room, office breakout space, video booth and flexible working space is different.

Finding the right video conferencing solution for your particular needs means you need to consider:

  • The size of the meeting space
  • Whether you need video only or video and audio
  • What budget you have available
  • Your existing IT equipment

All of these can influence the choices you make when selecting video conferencing hardware.

Video & Audio in One Great Package

It’s easy to overlook the role that audio plays in your video conferencing setup. Having great video and being able to see everyone is amazing, but poor-quality audio can ruin a meeting.

That’s why investing in a business video conferencing camera which also provides an audio solution makes sense. Instead of having to buy a camera, microphone and speaker separately, you have everything in a single piece of equipment.

Designed to work in harmony from the ground up, our meeting room video conference cameras (JPL Spitfire & JPL Agora) have integrated microphones and speakers.

JPL, The Last Word in Video Conferencing

Investing in high-quality video conferencing equipment will always provide the best experience and value, JPL not only offer high-quality video conferencing solutions, but we also provide great warranties and customer support.

This peace of mind means you can focus on your business and do what you do best.

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Specifying and securing the right equipment for your business needs can be daunting and the wrong equipment can be costly both now and in the future.

Speak to our team who can guide you through the process and help you to identify the right products for your situation.

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