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Wired Headsets

Wired phone headsets have been in use for decades and the demand for a wired headset, rather than a wireless one, doesn’t seem to be fading. With so many communications devices such as IP phones in the workplace and not all of them supporting a wireless headset option, plug-in phone headsets are still the best solution for some offices and call centres.

Whether you’re looking specifically for a USB headset, RJ11 phone headset or a bottom lead to connect a QD headset we have options for all budgets, meaning a great quality headset can be available to all users.

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Office Headsets

Call Centre Headsets

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Telephone & IP Phone Headsets

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a wired telephone headset or an IP phone headset, wired solutions remain a great choice for many businesses. Plug-in phone headsets remain a better value choice than wireless options and thanks to their Plug and Play capability can be in use immediately after removing the headset from the box.

Of course, JPL also stocks a range of wireless headset options if you prefer, but considering a wired telephone headset is a great option for many businesses, whether staff operate from an office or call centre.

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Wired Headsets Manuals and Guides

JPL headsets are very easy to install and use, but we provide here a number of guides that you will find helpful. These provide important safety information as well as operating instructions. For more specific manuals these can be found under specifications on the individual product pages. The following documents are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader software for viewing. Adobe Reader is available as a free download from the below.

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Noise Cancelling

Office headsets with noise-cancelling microphones cannot be overrated. From the home office to the largest call centre, headset users are often surrounded by background noise which can easily transfer to the call recipient.

A quality noise-cancelling microphone on a headset reduces the amount of background noise heard and this can be done using a variety of techniques as we’ve highlighted here. JPL telephone headsets do this both actively and passively with windshields and our Surround ShieldTM noise cancellation technology.

Perfect For Busy Offices & Call Centres

Our range of wired headsets is the perfect solution for busy offices and call centres where large numbers of staff are making telephone calls.

Whether your teams are in sales, customer services or communicating with each other using Unified Communications, getting the best-wired headsets will help to improve call clarity and quality.


There are a number of benefits that come with investing in wired headsets. The first is the price point, even the best-wired headsets with microphones generally cost less than their wireless headset counterparts without compromising on audio quality. When you also factor in that wired telephone and PC headsets don’t rely on batteries the advantages are obvious.

The use of a USB-wired headset also provides the option of in-line controls, giving the user easy access to a range of control options such as volume and mute.

The comfort of the wearer is also important for long-duration headset use. Many of our wired headsets are available in monaural and binaural configurations, and all headsets allow you to wear the microphone on either ear for complete flexibility.

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Specifying and securing the right equipment for your business needs can be daunting and the wrong equipment can be costly both now and in the future.

Speak to our team who can guide you through the process and help you to identify the right products for your situation.

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