QD Call Centre Headsets

Call centre telephone headsets are a vital piece of equipment in the smallest of contact centres right through to large-scale operations with hundreds of call takers. Our selection of call and contact centre headsets covers a range of telephone headset styles and wearing options providing all-day comfort and great call quality.

With a range of features, our call centre headsets cover all budgets so you can find the right telephone headset for your business. If you’re not looking for call centre-specific headsets, why not have a look at our office telephone headsets or USB headsets instead?

QD Call Centre Headsets

A busy office or call centre with frequent changes of desks and headsets is where Quick Disconnect technology comes into its own, a headset connection type which allows users to change headsets without dropping a call.

Our range of call centre headsets offers something for all needs whether you are budget limited or need a fast turnaround, these headsets offer ease of use and excellent all-day comfort.

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Binaural & Monaural

As with our wider range of wired headsets for the office and contact centre environments, our QD call centre headsets come in binaural and monaural options which can be worn with the microphone on the left or right ear.

The choice of binaural and monaural call centre headsets will vary from user to user and business to business, but this option provides better choice and comfort to call centre employees, meaning improved productivity.

Connect to Almost Any Telephone

Using our range of QD headset adapter leads you can connect your call centre headset to almost any telephone to allow your teams to communicate clearly and effectively.

Our call centre adapter leads are the interface between your headsets and softphone and not only allow a range of connectivity options should you use a range of softphone providers, but also allows users to quickly disconnect and reconnect a headset.

This feature is useful during hot desk changeover or in the event that a headset needs to be swapped.

Other Headset Types

Office Headsets

USB Headsets

All Wired Headsets

Noise Cancelling Microphones

Nothing is worse for the recipient of a call than excessive background noise and to help combat this, our headsets feature Surround Shield™ noise cancelling technology.

Our noise cancelling technology helps to isolate the voice making it clearer, and at the same time knocks out any background noise, massively improving call quality.

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