Wireless Headsets, Perfect For Desk Phones, Laptops & More

Whether you work in an office, call centre, from home or on the road, professional wireless headsets from JPL can bring huge advantages to the workplace and the effectiveness of your teams.

Whether you’re thinking about Bluetooth wireless headsets or DECT headsets, investing in the right wireless headset technology for your business can be a difficult decision, however JPL are here to guide you through the process and the latest technology to help future proof your business telecommunications.

From your desk phones to laptops and mobile phones, increased freedom of movement, improved connectivity and better communication are all delivered with a JPL wireless headset.

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Wireless Office Headsets, Less Is More

Cable-free for versatility and connectivity. Wireless office headsets mean you can do more, on more devices without the cable of a wired office headset. Featuring a professional, noise cancelling mic, JPL Telecom wireless headsets offer convenience, connectivity and reduced breakages as there’s no cable to get tangled and broken.

With a long battery life of up to 96 hours on stand-by and rapid recharge in as little as 60 minutes, our wireless headsets keep your teams connected. What’s more, as part of our Element range of headsets, parts are easily replaceable, so should something get broken, you can be up and running again in no time. From the main office to the home office, wireless headsets just make sense.

Wireless Headsets For Office Desk Phones & Laptops

From the work laptop to your video conferencing installation, wireless headsets are expected to connect to everything. Our wireless DECT and Bluetooth headsets with USB dongle meet the evolving needs of your business.

Our DECT wireless headsets are compatible with both office phones, laptops and smartphones thanks to Bluetooth and USB expansion modules, while our native Bluetooth headsets can connect to devices out of the box.

So whether you’re looking for a wireless headset for your office phone system (our DECT base stations can connect up to 5 headsets by the way) or a wireless headset for your office phone, laptop, tablet, mobile or pretty much anything else, JPL Telecom have just what you need.

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USB Wireless Headset? How Does That Work?

USB wireless headsets might not sound like they make sense, but these are wireless headsets that pair with a USB dongle plugged into a device like a laptop. Bluetooth headsets with a USB dongle help to ensure compatibility with various devices which might require additional setup in order to pair with a wireless headset.

JPL Bluetooth headsets just work, paired straight from the box, you can plug in and get on with whatever you need to do.

So whatever you’re looking to connect your wireless USB headset to, laptop, tablet with a USB port or any other USB-enabled device you can rely on the option of a USB dongle to help you make it work as you expect.

JPL Element wireless monaural headset with boom mic

Professional Wireless Headsets

In recent years, the workplace has seen a boom in digital communication thanks in part to Unified Communication and to the COVID pandemic increasing remote working practices.

This has also led to end users turning to off the shelf, consumer headphones with integrated microphones to fulfil their communications requirements. While businesses see this as a cost free way to improve communication, the often hidden downside is that consumer devices aren’t always designed to the same standards as a professional wireless headset.

Replacing the cheap, inline earphones and microphones with a wireless headset which is designed to be worn for extended periods of time will not only show employees that you’re investing in them, it will also help to improve performance.

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Specifying and securing the right equipment for your business needs can be daunting and the wrong equipment can be costly both now and in the future.

Speak to our team who can guide you through the process and help you to identify the right products for your situation.

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