Bluetooth Headsets

Times and technology are ever-changing and for headsets, this means the growth of Bluetooth headsets as an alternative to DECT headsets or wired headsets in the business environment.

As the complexity of the multi-device workplace becomes a reality, Bluetooth headsets offer a distinct advantage over wireless alternatives in that Bluetooth headset options not only connect to compatible office phones but also your laptop, mobile, tablet and other devices. This means that you can see the benefits of a wireless headset as your working environment or equipment change.

You can trust JPL to deliver high-quality Bluetooth headsets with boom mics which are compatible with a range of devices.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

If you’re looking for a versatile, adaptable Bluetooth headset for your office, call centre, home working or travelling staff, then look no further than JPL.

Our Bluetooth headsets are designed for all-day comfort, long-lasting battery life and most importantly, exceptional sound quality. From the ground up, our headsets are created with detail at every stage, from ensuring our Bluetooth wireless headsets are some of the lightest on the market to the ability to upgrade or replace components easily.

Unified Communications Ready

Seamless communication across your devices.

Whether you use a mix of technology and software, our Bluetooth headsets are Unified Communications ready. Use the included BT-220 dongle for pre-paired and seamless installation.

With our software last approach all our webcams are Plug & Play which means you can start working as soon as you get to your desk.

Our Sustainable, Modular Headset Range

At our company, sustainability and future-proofing are at the forefront of our headset design. Our Element branded wired and wireless headsets feature a modular design, allowing for easy replacement of damaged parts instead of having to replace the entire headset. With this approach, we’re able to minimize waste and maximize the lifespan of our products. Learn more about our range of sustainable headsets below.

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headsets

Let’s face it, the workplace is a noisy environment. From colleagues on the phone to the photocopier and the chitter chatter of the water cooler gossip. This is where a JPL headset can make a big difference to your teams.

All of our Bluetooth headsets feature Surround Shield noise cancelling technology to ensure that the users voice is isolated and transmitted to the recipient clearly.

More Than Wireless Earphones With a Mic

Wireless earphones are everywhere at the moment and as more models have small microphones built in to them, it’s tempting for staff to use their own Bluetooth headphones with a mic to make business calls. This can be detrimental to your business though.

Using a professionally designed Bluetooth wireless headset with a mic not only helps to ensure better audio quality for voice transmission, but it also ensures a more consistent, professional appearance in front of colleagues and customers.

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One Bluetooth Headset, Multiple Devices

Unlike their DECT counterparts which often need a wired connection, a Bluetooth headset can easily connect to a range of devices thanks to the Bluetooth wireless standard.

This flexibility means that if you’re looking for a wireless headset for a PC, phone, tablet and mobile, then Bluetooth really is a great option as one headset provides the connectivity you need across your devices.

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Specifying and securing the right equipment for your business needs can be daunting and the wrong equipment can be costly both now and in the future.

Speak to our team who can guide you through the process and help you to identify the right products for your situation.

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